Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Leaves, Pumpkin Seeds, and Halloween!

Fall Leaves...we live in Florida.  Yeah right.

Pumpkin seeds...Man made some.  They were delicious.  I didn't take a picture.  I was too busy eating.

Halloween...Oh yes...I have pictures of that and everything before!

So here is how this works.  I tell Man for 5 days we need to go get pumpkin patch pictures.  He agrees every time.  We never go.  Then I get really stressed out that they will sell all of the pumpkins and I will not get my pictures.  He tells me to round 'em up and we can go take the pictures.  He clearly does not understand what it takes to get three girls ready for pumpkin patch pictures.  I love him anyway.  Then I stress over what they are going to wear for another day.  Then I decide I can kill two birds with one stone and take their pictures before church since the patch is at our church.  Duh!  Then I stress from that point forward about what they will wear.  Then I go to bed Saturday night still not knowing.  Please tell me I am not alone?  It all works out always does.  I will have forgotten that by the time we need to do Christmas pictures.

Then my baby reminded me of how cute she can be...even though I was was running around the patch like the crazy picture mom I am...

But capturing this reminds me why I love my life and what is really important...

until it is pumpkin carving time and the only thing important in that moment is that mine turns out better then Daddy's the girls enjoy themselves.

Team Olivia and Mom!!!!

Team Addison and Dad!!!!

We have been watching the Halloween decor fly up around here.  No pun intended.  Nothing prepared us for what we saw when we went out!  These people are serious.  I am beginning preparations now.  It will take me a year...or more.

The kids racked up on the candy.  I have no idea how to avoid the pantry.  Maybe I will hide it in the laundry room...or maybe I will go away for a few days and come back when it is gone.  I am generous like that.  Just kidding.  I will eat a piece every time I walk in the pantry...just to take one for the team!  Oh nevermind...we had a great night and hope you did too!

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