Thursday, August 1, 2013

More Than Half Way

When June came to an end Man asked me what I thought about this Project 365.  I didn't ask him back because sometimes I might have had panic attacks when I was away about making sure he got me a picture for the day.  So, here is what I think.  I am amazed.  I love it.  I absolutely think it is a project that every person should do.  It forces you to find moments in days that you might typically allow to go by without fanfare, moments that might make you blow your top normally but now you think you might capture it for posterity, moments that you don't want to ever forget, I could go on and on.  Even as I look back on the first half of the year I am amazed at how my girls have grown, what we have done, and every little breath in between.  I am truly grateful for this experience and the support to accomplish it because it is not an easy task to do this daily.  So, to Man and my girls, I thank you for putting up with this crazy idea in hopes that one day you will thank me for the memories.  I love you all.

And yes, I realize this is not through today but I am at the beach l.i.v.i.n.g life and catching waves and dragging Allye out of the middle of the ocean over and over and over.  We'll catch up later.  

---The Mama
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