Friday, August 31, 2012



She is sweet.

She is full of smiles.

She is silly.

She is carefree.

She is my first born baby.  

 I love her to pieces. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

No More Maybes

Meet Addison...

The Middle Child.

I was an only child so I am learning on.the.job about this middle child thing.  I am starting to understand all of the hype.  It is really simple, I think.  They get whatever they want, and they know it.  Grandparents spoil them because they get all the "hand me downs", seconds and less love (only a grandparent would think that).  Older siblings do everything for them...because Mom has now figured out she can't do everything.  They get away with almost everything...because Mom is sometimes trying to do everything.  The list goes on and on really.  Maybe I could write a book.  Yep.  Because I do believe Addison is going to make me an expert.  

 Prime example of middle child syndrome happened right here in my house tonight.  It was time to go to bed and Olivia scurried off right away (that is the mostly obedient first child that you actually had time to put the fear of God in...not really...well maybe).  I very tiredly sweetly down beside Addison on the couch and said, "Come on sugar bug, we need to brush your teeth and get to bed."  To which she very sweetly said, "Mommy, carry me."  To which I very sweetly replied, mostly because I can hardly carry myself at this point, "No baby, not tonight."  And in her sweetest most deceptive, manipulative, middle child way looks at me and says, "I am sorry Mommy.  You don't have no more maybes left today, only yeses."  

And that folks, is how you get your way when you are the middle child.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Party

So we have lived in Florida for approximately 936.8 hours and we are faced with a hurricane.  Yep, that is us...Tornado Alley to Hurricane Harbor (roll with me people!)...

So when Man calls me from Tornado Alley and asks if I have looked at the weather, to which I look at him (through the phone of course) like, "Are you kidding me?  I am washing dishes still at 9pm"  I politely reply, "No."  He seems slightly concerned and arranges to come home a little earlier then planned.  Then when I continue to not seem very concerned he decided to come home right away.  Maybe you are wondering about my plan.  It was simple.  Leave town. 

Anyway, that was not needed.  Man came home.  Since he was here to worry, I called my girlfriend down the street, Miranda...I will need some kind of spunky name for her....coming soon!  She lives like 4 doors down and has three kids, matching in ages with our girls...except her bitty is a boy.  I say, "Hey, what are your plans for the storm?"  She gives me their layout, which is quite impressive, to which I reply, "Want to come make cupcakes during the storm?"  She says, "Yes!"  See, I was making plans.  

So, today was the BIG day.  Here is how it went.

1.)  Awake at 6 a.m.

2.) Showered and ready by 6:45.

3.) Breakfast done by 8 a.m.

4.) Cupcakes done shortly thereafter.

5.) Sunshine was beaming through the windows.

6.) At approximately 9:13 a.m. I sent Man to hook up the trailer he brought the rest of our junk stuff in from Texas.

7.) We were on the rode to Fort Walton thrift hunting by 9:30 a.m.  Sunshine and ALL!

8.)  We pull into the Habitat ReStore at 10 o'clock something.  

9.) I hop out of the car and into the store and the bottom.fell.out.

10.) Not feeling so smart at 10 o'clock something.

11.) Got soaked running back to the car.

12.) Rain stopped 3.25 seconds later.

13.)  We were headed to TJMaxx.

14.)  Awesome shopping trip over by 12 p.m.

15.) Caught some lunch.  Not literally.  I realize that could be confusing now that I live near water that I could actually catch something in.  Oh, never-mind.

16.) 1:14:30 p.m. - Headed home...Sunshine and ALL!

17.) The cupcake party began at 2:17 p.m.  ... while the husbands headed to Lowes :)  Oh yes, there was a plan for them too!

18.) Cupcake decorating commenced...

They took it very seriously...

Probably because their perfectionist mothers were watching over them.  Maybe.

Before we knew it we had sunshine...lots of it...on my table...

Some you could eat...some you could "squeeze"!

This is Aubriee!  She is Olivia's age!  I love her shy, sweet smile...or maybe that is her "Do I really have to take another picture look?"  Time will tell and I will bust that code with my camera prowess...or something.  Maybe. For sure.

Here is Alexis...we call her do her parents.  Probably not if she is in trouble.  Can't you see the spunk?  She is Addison's age!  She smiled willingly.  Every.time.  Seeing her sweet face come in my house makes my heart sing...obviously 'cause she is so darling, but mostly because I have prayed for Addison to have little girl friend.  Don't get me wrong, Cowboy Trynt can't be replaced, but let's face it...the day is coming real soon that he is going to refuse getting his hair straightened for the fourteenth time in-a-row.

So there.  My best laid plan went off without a hitch.  So glad you got to meet our new friends and I can't wait to share all of our adventures with you.

Let's face it...

2 moms + 6 kids = Good Writing Material!

  P.S. You saw a 5th sweet girl in one picture.  I cannot put her face on here because I don't do that without permission, hopefully you will know her soon too!  We love her!

P.P.S  My best laid plan was going off without a hitch no matter what...Miranda's Man had a generator!

P.P.P.S  I now have a floored attic that holds 30 rubber totes, four Christmas trees, tons of baby stuff, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Sorry about that..never too early to get in the Christmas spirit!

See you on the other side of the storm,
 Mama Bouchard

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Days 19,20, & 21

One the not so distant future...they will not let me dress them alike.

Ready for school on Thursday!

There will be a firm stand when I want to put a cute ballerina outfit on them...

Ready for her first dance class in Florida!

They probably will give me an even harder time when I want to take their pictures...

Ready for school on Friday!


They will never stop 




Yes, he is home...a little early to keep us safe during the storm...and, yes, he will have to leave us again.  But, we are thankful he is here and we are going to love on him 'til he leaves!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 18

Hey Daddy...Allye here...

Daddy, I need to talk to you. 

 There is a problem here at the house. 

 Ever since Monday my life has been turned upside down.  I have to ride in the car seat a LOT.  My naps are not regular and sometimes I don't even get a nap.  I am not even getting three squares a day and, I mean, bad people even get that.  Don't they?  

Something about "!"  Yes, Mommy is always saying that for some reason. I don't understand.  I mean, the big girls are always saying that but they go to that room in our house that has a big water bowl.  The one I am always getting caught playing in.  But that is not what Mommy means, 'cause I don't see one of those in the car.  And that is where we go when she says it.

Oh, part of today was fun!  We got to go on a lunch date with Lexi and Trey!  Oh it was the best time and then they came back to our house and played, but I slept.  I figured I better get it while I could and what do you know?  Yep, Mommy ripped me from my sleep and yep, said, "Sorry baby,"  Back to the car seat.  I tried to fall asleep but there was too much commotion.  Guess where we went?

First day of dance class for Addison!  We didn't stay long 'cause we  ...  get Olivia that is.  We waited and waited and waited.  She finally hopped in the car, after I was bored to tears...literally, and we raced to pick up Addison.  She had a lot of fun.  She got an animal cracker and princess sticker and the teacher said she did great!  

Then we zipped home and Mommy was whirling everywhere cooking dinner.  Sometimes she did it with me hanging on her leg.  Sometimes she acts like she doesn't like that very much so I leave her alone and empty the cupboards.  Then she realizes that me on her leg isn't so bad.  Anyway, back to whirling..she was whirling around fast 'cause

to AWANA!!!

I like it there...I think.  I cried real hard when Mommy dropped me off.  She walked away anyway.  Can you believe that?  Something about I would get over it.  I did.  It was fun.  Those people in there were way older then you and Mommy.  They looked like GGs.  The held me and hugged me and played with me.  Mommy said I looked like a happy camper when she picked me up.  I am not sure she understands what I was doing...'cause there was not a tent where I was.  We have a lot to teach her Daddy.  

Love you,
Your Sweet Allye

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 17

Hey Dad, Mom here...

It was really a pretty normal day...if that exists anymore.

We were all up way before 7:00 a.m.

We took Olivia to school.

We did some shopping at Lowes...still working on the art center.

Yes, I ignored the big sign that said for ages 2 and up.  Don't write to me people.  I am in survival mode and this made her morning!

Then we played Hide-n-Seek.  I only knew we were playing when I heard a muffled, "Momma, count and come find me!"  So I counted...and then I found!

A little outside play time with Aubriee and Lexi, some breakfast for dinner, a quick warm bath, some reading, and lights out.  See?  Just another day.  

The calm before the storm...

I love you,

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 16

Hey Dad, Mom here,

Today we went...

Since you have spent most of the day on the phone with me and know that it was not the best day ever, I hope the smiles of our precious girls can uplift you as they have me tonight.  

While Olivia was willing to endure a few shots this morning...

Addison was more then willing to go all out and pose for me...

Allye demanded a "shot" too...

And then I see this...

And think where does the time go?

Could it have only been a year?  Can we pay to slow this down?

But I hope you can see that they were content and settled and happy when I left them this morning.

Over an afternoon celebratory ice cream stop...

I learned that Olivia likes her teacher.  She sat beside her at lunch.  Yep, plunked right down beside the poor thing that has to eat with them this first week.  Learned that she at an apple, Cheetos, and a sandwich with meat on it for lunch.  No, not Olivia...the teacher.  She isn't married yet, but Olivia plans to ask if she is getting married this year.  Oh, and if she is going to have babies.  There is an Emma at her group of tables.  She has short, cute blonde hair and has to wear braces on both of her legs, according to Olivia.  There is an Eli and another boy...she will try and remember his name tomorrow.  There was no recess today because it rained for the 20th day in a row, according to Olivia.


 Addison told me that Ms. Laura is really nice and she was really good today.  The girl's bathroom has Tinkerbell on the wall and the boy's bathroom has Cars.  But, they didn't use the boys bathroom just stood there while the boys went to the bathroom.  They couldn't go outside today, because it was wet.  She ate goldfish and watered down apple juice for snack in the snack room.  Then she asked me if she was allergic to apple juice.  She made a friend today but she doesn't know their name.  They read three stories, two for story time and one before they left.  She wants to dress-up like Spider Man.  No, not at home.  At school.  She didn't really feel like playing in the kitchen at school so she cleaned it up.  The computer wasn't working at school but Ms. Laura is getting that fixed.  She did two art projects but didn't feel like doing the one that taught her letters.  She didn't cry, she was brave.  But some kids did cry.  She thinks she is going to like it there.  She wants to go back tomorrow.  

Love you,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 15

Hey Dad, Mom here...

Well, today was bittersweet for sure, in so many ways.

It was great to start the day off with church.

Excitement broke out when the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building.  I am the crazy mother who ran past four exits to get to our babies (with Olivia in tow) only to be "shooed" outside.  No worries, I stood at that back door until I saw all of our bitty babies come out.  Allye was riding (standing up) in a crib and Addison was tagging along with her new friends.  Everything was fine and things proceeded as normal after about ten minutes.  Olivia might be scarred for life.  You know how she is about fires and safety and safety training and fires and safety.

As we settled in for lunch Olivia was pretty sad.  As we ate she said, "Mommy, Daddy's been gone so long it feels like you guys are separated."  (How she would know what that is supposed to feel like I don't know.  But, you know how she has been trying to figure out lately this whole together, separated, divorced thing that goes on in our world.)  Of course I say, "Oh baby, that is not the case.  Daddy just has to work and he will be with us soon."  Addison pipes in, "Yeah Mommy, it's like you don't have your boyfriend anymore."  :)

Allye, on the other hand, was just worried about when she can start soccer.

After a restful afternoon it was time for our traditional back-to-school dinner...

Making PIZZAS!

We started from scratch this year and even made them into shapes...

Decorating them is always fun...

But eating them is better!

No pizza for Allye but look how she is eating like a big girl!

It is quite a messy event but she loves it and only throws her water on the floor 3.7 times a meal.

It wouldn't be a back-to-school dinner unless we made a special treat!

Can you believe I let them do this?  They made a HUGE mess...but had loads of fun!

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Skillet!

Oh my!

I think it passed the test!

Say a prayer for our girls in the morning.  Olivia is very nervous and Addison is super excited!  No worries...I will have plenty of pictures for you of their big day!

No.  Your cast iron skillet was not harmed in the making of our special treat.  No.  I did not "wash" it.  Yes.  I simply wiped it out like you have told me 100.54 times.  Yes.  Your next meal in that pan might taste a little sweet.

Love you,
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