Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 14

Hey's me, Allye!

I knew something was up when Mommy got me out of bed this morning.  She had that look in her eye...said we were headed to Lowes.  Something about it being a work day around the house.  But first she had to do two was Saturday after all.

She had to start the laundry...I helped.

and...she had to make pancakes!  Oh Daddy!  I love pancake day!  I eat them all by myself now.  I take mine dry, not wet.  She says I have to be older for that.

No Daddy, that wasn't mine.  I can't have peanut butter yet.  I am not sure I ever get a shape either.  I might need to talk to Mommy about that.  She responds well to crying, maybe I will go that route.

Then she loaded us up and drove to Lowes.  Something about the art center and some paint.  A very nice man at Lowes helped us, Addison had to go potty as soon as we walked in...Mommy didn't seem surprised.  Anyway, the nice man fixed us up and we got our paint and headed home.  Can't tell you much about the ride, I was pooped out from the morning work.

When I got up at 1:00 the big girls wanted to go outside and Mommy said that was fine 'cause there was work out there to do too.  I think she needed me away from that art desk.  Daddy!  You should see all the tools she is using to fix that desk!  

It was so hot in that garage I drank all of my water and then went from sippy cup to sippy cup and drank everyone else's.  Olivia went and re-filled my cup but I refused.  I decided that I liked Addison's cup best.  So, Mommy poured my water in there and I got her cup for the rest of the day.  See, crying works.  A quick outfit change later ( I was not clean at all after that garage work.)  and I was in my seat with my new cup having a snack since I slept through lunch.

This snack thing didn't cut it.  I was tired again.  I really worked hard out in the garage.  Mommy says you are going to be so proud.  I decided I would take another nap and then get up for dinner.  Then my favorite time of day...


Well Daddy, that's about it for today.  I am still not sure about these work days.  I think I will stick with play days for now.

Love you Daddy,

Your sweet Allye

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