Friday, August 10, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 6

hey daddy,

allye here...

guess who came to see me?

  bryce and trynt and ms. chondra and mr. bruce!

i didn't get to visit with them last night because i was tired.  i worked hard yesterday crawling and walking and eating and talking.  mommy said i was pooped out.  whatever that means.  

so we got a bright start this morning and headed to the splash playground!

by the time the big people could get it all together i was already tired.  i had been up working for several hours already so i slept for a few minutes under the shelter.  they started without me.

here is trynt giving mommy "the look".  she says it is just like old times.  doesn't he look serious?

it didn't last long.

when i woke up i was starved.  but mommy filled up my belly and i was ready to rock-n-roll.  

olivia even gave me the rock-n-roll hairdo.

oh my goodness it is so me.

the big kids thought it was funny.  so i tiptoed over to bryce, and trynt showed me this.

i think i can do that.  

yep.  i am a quick study.

we dried up and went to lunch for pizza because mommy said that was like old times too.  

love you daddy...


p.s. that holding thing is going good chondra is taking care of that :)

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  1. I miss you all so much Thanks for all the emails and blogs I love seeing all the pics. I'm so sorry about what I wrote. I hope have forgiven me. I do love you Lindsey and Nate and my beautiful grandaughters. I can't wait to see them hopefully soon?
    Love CLaire


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