Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 18

Hey Daddy...Allye here...

Daddy, I need to talk to you. 

 There is a problem here at the house. 

 Ever since Monday my life has been turned upside down.  I have to ride in the car seat a LOT.  My naps are not regular and sometimes I don't even get a nap.  I am not even getting three squares a day and, I mean, bad people even get that.  Don't they?  

Something about "!"  Yes, Mommy is always saying that for some reason. I don't understand.  I mean, the big girls are always saying that but they go to that room in our house that has a big water bowl.  The one I am always getting caught playing in.  But that is not what Mommy means, 'cause I don't see one of those in the car.  And that is where we go when she says it.

Oh, part of today was fun!  We got to go on a lunch date with Lexi and Trey!  Oh it was the best time and then they came back to our house and played, but I slept.  I figured I better get it while I could and what do you know?  Yep, Mommy ripped me from my sleep and yep, said, "Sorry baby,"  Back to the car seat.  I tried to fall asleep but there was too much commotion.  Guess where we went?

First day of dance class for Addison!  We didn't stay long 'cause we  ...  get Olivia that is.  We waited and waited and waited.  She finally hopped in the car, after I was bored to tears...literally, and we raced to pick up Addison.  She had a lot of fun.  She got an animal cracker and princess sticker and the teacher said she did great!  

Then we zipped home and Mommy was whirling everywhere cooking dinner.  Sometimes she did it with me hanging on her leg.  Sometimes she acts like she doesn't like that very much so I leave her alone and empty the cupboards.  Then she realizes that me on her leg isn't so bad.  Anyway, back to whirling..she was whirling around fast 'cause

to AWANA!!!

I like it there...I think.  I cried real hard when Mommy dropped me off.  She walked away anyway.  Can you believe that?  Something about I would get over it.  I did.  It was fun.  Those people in there were way older then you and Mommy.  They looked like GGs.  The held me and hugged me and played with me.  Mommy said I looked like a happy camper when she picked me up.  I am not sure she understands what I was doing...'cause there was not a tent where I was.  We have a lot to teach her Daddy.  

Love you,
Your Sweet Allye

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