Thursday, August 30, 2012

No More Maybes

Meet Addison...

The Middle Child.

I was an only child so I am learning on.the.job about this middle child thing.  I am starting to understand all of the hype.  It is really simple, I think.  They get whatever they want, and they know it.  Grandparents spoil them because they get all the "hand me downs", seconds and less love (only a grandparent would think that).  Older siblings do everything for them...because Mom has now figured out she can't do everything.  They get away with almost everything...because Mom is sometimes trying to do everything.  The list goes on and on really.  Maybe I could write a book.  Yep.  Because I do believe Addison is going to make me an expert.  

 Prime example of middle child syndrome happened right here in my house tonight.  It was time to go to bed and Olivia scurried off right away (that is the mostly obedient first child that you actually had time to put the fear of God in...not really...well maybe).  I very tiredly sweetly down beside Addison on the couch and said, "Come on sugar bug, we need to brush your teeth and get to bed."  To which she very sweetly said, "Mommy, carry me."  To which I very sweetly replied, mostly because I can hardly carry myself at this point, "No baby, not tonight."  And in her sweetest most deceptive, manipulative, middle child way looks at me and says, "I am sorry Mommy.  You don't have no more maybes left today, only yeses."  

And that folks, is how you get your way when you are the middle child.

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  1. LOVE her! Thanks for making me smile on a gloomy Friday morning. Glad you survived issac.


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