Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 5

Hey Dad, Mom here...

  I was sort of in the room when we had our first meltdown of the day... at 7:03 a.m, you know, right next door in the bathroom...trying to look like I slept more then the 5 hours I got last night.  Well, I had locked them in our room since Olivia was still asleep...can you believe it?  Anyway, apparently there was an argument over the bug pull toy and Addison said Allye was taking it from her.  I arrived in time to see Addison try to take it from her and Allye pulled a fist full of hair from Addison's head.  Yes, she cried.  No, not Allye.  Actually she laughed.  A sort of giggle I guess you could say.  I thought matters were settled and it did get very quiet.  Yes, of course I checked on them then.  This is what I saw.

I am really not sure about her.  I mean, this looks smart, right?

Once Sleeping Beauty Olivia got 8:30 (I know!!) we needed to make a trip into town.  The rains had come and gone...or so we thought.  As we are checking out the.bottom.fell.out.  Did you know I had three kids with me and the bottom.fell.out?  I counted them more then once.  Nothing about that changed.  SO, I got the nerve to get outside but still under cover.  I thought it through for like 5 minutes and 13 seconds and this is what I came up with!

Personally, I thought this was genius.  Loaded up the kids, people staring and all.  I figured they thought they were looking at a genius, applauding probably.  Matter of fact, I am doing a curtsy right now.

So.  There was lots and lots and lots and lots of rain.  All.the.way.home.  Olivia says, "Mom, can we play in the rain."  Can you believe the word yes came out of my mouth before I could think about it?  It must have been the five hours of sleep thing.  I was like the best mom ever...for the next hour.
A little timid at first.  I think they thought I must have lost my mind.

Three guesses for the next request, and the first two don't count.  

Of course they were cold you see so they needed to warm up and since I was already mindless today I gave it to them and poured the marshmallows on.  I was the cool mom this hour, remember?  

I know you must be wondering about Allye.  Don't worry, everything was under control.  We are teaching her to play Wii.  She is pretty good.  Loves to chew on the remote.  We need to find a game that requires that skill and she will have it made.

To continue our sugar high make goody bags for the cowboys, we advanced to making cookies! 

Then we wrapped it all up and drove to their hotel and decorated the place.  Blow up dinosaurs, coloring stuff, bath animals, shaving cream, and a treat basket.  I didn't take a camera because I knew that would look crazy and then I would have to explain about this blog, like the Texas horse trailer guy that time.  And well, I really wanted them to let me in, so you just have to use your imagination.

Well, that about sums up the day...minus the crazy two hour happenings that occurred at approximately 7:45 when the cowboys showed up to see us!  YES they did!  Texas has arrived and life is back to normal now..well, for a few days anyway!  No pictures of that.  You might die if you saw the state of Addison's room...and you knew what time they went to bed.  It's ok.  I got the night shift tonight.  ;)

I love you!


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