Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Day 4

Hi DaDdy!

It'S mE AlLyE.  

 I pUlLed thE cOmpUtEr oFf oF MomMy'S bEd wHilE sHe iS cLeaNinG uP tHe KiTcHen.  So, I HaVe tO Be fAsT.

 aDdiSon gOt hEr fIrSt piEce oF mAil toDay.  It wAs fRom MrS. MaXWell!  ShE waS sO exCiTed!

ShE leT me HoLd thE leTTer iN mY CaR whiLE sHe tooK hEr dOlLy fOr a RidE.

OliViA sAid somEthIng aBouT traInIng FoR tHe ToUR de FrAnCe?

DaDdy?  Is ShE aLLowEd to dO tHat?

I WaSn'T sUrE sHe waS AllOweD tO dO thIs eiThEr, bUt MommY sAid OK.

TuRns ouT sHe is A gOoD DriVer!

LoVe u DaDdy!


P.s.  CaN u tAlK tO MomMy aBouT hoLdiNg mE moRe?

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