Monday, May 28, 2012

When You Leave Daddy In Charge

I announced to Man on Mother's Day weekend 2011 that I was giving him one year's notice for the 2012 Mother's Day.  No gift necessary, I wanted a weekend in Dallas for rest and relaxation.  He was "down", no shopping required, WOOHOO, and then the time actually came.  He didn't seem so "down" when he looked at me on Thursday as I am preparing all the foods and clothes and says, "I am on the countdown to Monday."  To Work?  Yeah.  I think he gets that his work just might not be as exhausting as my work.  Or maybe it's just that the days aren't as long.  Anyways, I smiled real pretty and went to pack my bag.

Once Cowgirl caught wind of my plan she hopped on my wagon.  Oh yeah this was now a party!  I went to pick her and little cowboy up Friday morning.  I think her husband bribed the cows.

 Yes, the view out of my car, in the middle of their driveway.

After several honks of the horn and a long stare down we were off to drop off our bitty babies.  They were snuggled at school, car seats were deposited to the daddy's and we were on vacation!

We ventured to a new outlet mall in Allen, TX.  You must go there, if say, you are ever in the Dallas area.  This was simply on the way to our destination of McKinney, TX.  Our visit to McKinney started off with lunch on Saturday.  Grown-up pizza!  

 You should see this town.  Adorable.  Occasionally I would get a text and it would look something like this.

Whew!  They were still alive and all body parts intact.  And then I would keep on shopping.  You have to see the bathroom we used.  I only wish I also had a picture of me taking this picture.  And, I wish I could have gotten a good picture of the inside of the bathroom.  I could have lived in there.  Oh yes, best bathroom ever!  See, girls weekend.

After a nice relaxing weekend we returned home on Sunday and I got a, "Surprise! Happy Mother's Day!" when I walked in the door.  I was rushed to the kitchen table to see this.

And because they are 6, 3, and 7 months I had to open the presents right away.

Then Daddy took a picture of me with my girls.  

 We had dinner and then butterfly cake.

And when I went to download my pictures I found these. 

 Now this is L.O.V.E!

I am so thankful for God's gift to us.  He blessed us three times and I can't imagine life without my sweet girls...and, of course, Man.

P.S. Man even accomplished the second tooth pulling.  Not sure how, we know how much help I am in that department.  ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Months Already?

 It is so cliche to say "time has flown by" but it is so appropriate when you watch your kids grow.  I couldn't really say that I felt like anything was ever flying with Olivia because I was so anxious to see the next stage that I think I almost wished away part of her growing up instead of just enjoying it.  I have since learned to appreciate each stage and to fully enjoy my girls as they grow.  But, somehow it seems that Allye is simply going warp speed.  At the six month mark she was sitting well and starting to get the basics of the crawl.  Well, little did I know what I was in for during the last month.  Someone unleashed her, and when I find out who I will tie them,no, I will make them come and run after her for a day, or two, or three...while I sit and eat bon-bons on the I am delirious...from all the chasing I am sure.

  A really cool thing happened before all the madness of crawling, and that was our trip to the Bahamas.  We rode in a limo from the airport to the hotel and all I could think about was the last time we were in a limo, not even a year ago, we had just found out we were having a girl.  (That was part of the finding out!)  It was very nostalgic so I whipped out my camera...

This was her "I just want a nap" look when I called her name.

 Then I had her full attention.  She is quite infatuated with the camera.  I am not sure if this will be good or bad yet.  Considering she used to scream when I put it in front of my face I would say we have made progress.

While on vacation she had her first experience in the pool.  We had already had a swimsuit fashion show at the house.  She loved it.  So what could adding water into the mix really do?

I am thinking this is the "not quite sure about this" look.

I am quite sure this is the "lovin' it" look or Daddy told a great joke.

The fact that it came with her own teether was pure joy for her!

Now we are on to the matter of crawling.  I tried my best not to promote this.  Man, not so much.  It becomes very clear at times who does this all day long and who does not.  No  mother that chases a baby all day gets in the floor and gives a step-by-step demonstration of "how to crawl" nor do we hold a class and have the six year old teach the crawl.  Nope, we do everything in our power to not let out the secret about crawling.  Well, at least if you have had a child and wished that away only to realize you can't take it back.  Yep.  Man did it.  All of the above.  And do you see what happened?

Crawls everywhere.  Found her way right to the magazines and was "checking out" Parenting and Pottery Barn.  And by checking out I mean ripping them to shreds.  That is her innocent look.  Who me?  Yes you.  

And then it happened.  I was in the bathroom and sat her down at my feet to get the baths going.  I turned to get some things from the counter to turn back to this.

Pulled herself right up.  My head is screaming inside.  I am definitely trying to make a deal with God.  I want to slow this down.  He does miracles.  This is not a ridiculous request...right?  But she was so proud.  She smiled and smiled while Addison clapped.

Just as I was thinking that it was a one time thing.  None of my other babies stood this early.  But what do I really remember.  Maybe they did?  Note to self...go check the baby books.  I caught her again.  This time she was standing at her piano in my room.  I wasn't fast enough.  As soon as she saw the camera she stopped, dropped, and crawled...

Now that was warp speed.  So then I think this could be a game.

She seems up for a game.

Soooooo, I ran into my room ('cause crawling is warp speed remember) and this is what I got when I turned around...

Then she grabbed the camera and sent me crashing to the floor.  Yep, that is progress...I think.

So then I decided that there might not be enough forgiveness in my heart if she breaks my camera.  I go to put it away to walk back and find her in the sacred closet.

Eating the foot pedal to my sewing machine.  It is all real here people.

And then she sees me.

And, well, since my other two girls always seem to run from the camera....
I am definitely thinking this is a good sign...

We love you Allye!  
You are a blessing to our family.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Has Arrived!

I am exactly 10 days late with this posting for two reasons.

1.)  I was not allowed to tell anyone about the lack of tooth before she made her "rounds".

2.)  I was up to my ears in vacation preparations when she lost this tooth...24 hours prior to us leaving.

Let me just say that I don't remember ever losing a tooth.  Not one.  I remember my tooth fairy pillowcase...because my mom still has it.  However, Olivia did not inherit my lack of memory about these types of things so I knew it was all on the line for this to be memorable...

Back Story

Exactly one week before we discovered our loose tooth I called Olivia over and said, "Let me feel those teeth.  There has to be a loose one."  She obliges and I wiggle and wiggle and nothing happens.  My response, "They are solid as rocks."  We both shrug and go on about our business.  The next week we traveled together to give my bestie her bridal shower.  After hours in the Houston airport, she hops up from her movie and says, "Mommy, it feels weird when I grind my teeth."  Of course I am like, "You shouldn't be grinding your teeth."  Then she shows me how she grinds her teeth.  To which I grimace.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  But I see...I see what she is doing and I know.  I stick my finger in her mouth and she has a loose tooth!  You could have made her sit there for another 5 hours and she would have been a happy little peach.  She has waited and waited and waited for this moment.  I have been wiggling rock solid teeth for a year.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to text Nate and tell him we needed another baby pronto.  (See, it was making me crazy.)  That is when she laid it on me.  No telling anyone, including Daddy.

The Story of the Loose Tooth

So as my luck would have it I have had 6 years to make a tooth fairy pillow and haven't done it.  And here we are when I really have no time...but I am Mom, hear me roar sew!  There was one small detail.  We had a dentist appointment.  I gave them my best mom look, with big pleading eyes, and said, "She has a loose tooth, I don't have the pillow made, please don't do anything that will make that tooth come out."  She loves us, she is a mom, this is probably not the first time she has had this request, she smiles, she says, "No problem."  Whew!  That was a close call.  Needless to say, I got to the machine, and we had a pillow!

Now I was ready.  As the next couple of days clicked on I had a new worry.  It wasn't coming out.  What would we do?  We were leaving for vacation.  Was I really going to have to explain that the Tooth Fairy can fly over water?  Just has I had decided that the Tooth Fairy is related to Tinkerbell and pixie dust would get her to the Bahamas, Daddy enters the scene.  With that determined look in his eye.  That, I am Man, I can pull tooth look.  Uh oh.  I must get the camera.  He looks serious.

Let the work begin.  I think my eyes were closed taking this picture.

I am sure I was holding my breath.  He better not hurt my baby.  


Man is like, "No way.  That tooth is coming out."  

I am like, "Just leave it.  It will come out.  I am It is not ready."

So we had dinner.

And just when we are headed to bed...and Man has had more time to create his plan, he announces we are going to try one more time.  Ugh!  I can't take it.

I go get my camera.  

And come back to this.

And then I see this.

Which makes me want to cry.

And then I hear the worst noise ever.  I look out from behind the camera to see the biggest smile Man has ever had....yes, he won!  Man vs. Tooth!

I run over and then I see it.  If you have a thing for seeing blood, quickly scroll past the next picture.  

Clearly she is not bothered from the smile.  Her mother is having issues though.  So I clean her up and stare Man down.  He made my baby bleed.  I am convinced there is no bleeding if it just wiggles itself out.  He stares back and says, "She really wanted it out." And then he smiles.  He is quite proud of himself.

So we posed with the tooth....

Then Addison remembered the pillow and brought it in to us.  

We loaded the pillow.

And headed to bed.

But not before we left her a note.

So there it is.  
We lost our first tooth.  
  We already have another loose tooth. 
I have totally gotten past the need another baby thing.
I have not gotten past the blood thing.  
And Man, well, he is still smiling.
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