Monday, May 28, 2012

When You Leave Daddy In Charge

I announced to Man on Mother's Day weekend 2011 that I was giving him one year's notice for the 2012 Mother's Day.  No gift necessary, I wanted a weekend in Dallas for rest and relaxation.  He was "down", no shopping required, WOOHOO, and then the time actually came.  He didn't seem so "down" when he looked at me on Thursday as I am preparing all the foods and clothes and says, "I am on the countdown to Monday."  To Work?  Yeah.  I think he gets that his work just might not be as exhausting as my work.  Or maybe it's just that the days aren't as long.  Anyways, I smiled real pretty and went to pack my bag.

Once Cowgirl caught wind of my plan she hopped on my wagon.  Oh yeah this was now a party!  I went to pick her and little cowboy up Friday morning.  I think her husband bribed the cows.

 Yes, the view out of my car, in the middle of their driveway.

After several honks of the horn and a long stare down we were off to drop off our bitty babies.  They were snuggled at school, car seats were deposited to the daddy's and we were on vacation!

We ventured to a new outlet mall in Allen, TX.  You must go there, if say, you are ever in the Dallas area.  This was simply on the way to our destination of McKinney, TX.  Our visit to McKinney started off with lunch on Saturday.  Grown-up pizza!  

 You should see this town.  Adorable.  Occasionally I would get a text and it would look something like this.

Whew!  They were still alive and all body parts intact.  And then I would keep on shopping.  You have to see the bathroom we used.  I only wish I also had a picture of me taking this picture.  And, I wish I could have gotten a good picture of the inside of the bathroom.  I could have lived in there.  Oh yes, best bathroom ever!  See, girls weekend.

After a nice relaxing weekend we returned home on Sunday and I got a, "Surprise! Happy Mother's Day!" when I walked in the door.  I was rushed to the kitchen table to see this.

And because they are 6, 3, and 7 months I had to open the presents right away.

Then Daddy took a picture of me with my girls.  

 We had dinner and then butterfly cake.

And when I went to download my pictures I found these. 

 Now this is L.O.V.E!

I am so thankful for God's gift to us.  He blessed us three times and I can't imagine life without my sweet girls...and, of course, Man.

P.S. Man even accomplished the second tooth pulling.  Not sure how, we know how much help I am in that department.  ;)

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