Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Has Arrived!

I am exactly 10 days late with this posting for two reasons.

1.)  I was not allowed to tell anyone about the lack of tooth before she made her "rounds".

2.)  I was up to my ears in vacation preparations when she lost this tooth...24 hours prior to us leaving.

Let me just say that I don't remember ever losing a tooth.  Not one.  I remember my tooth fairy pillowcase...because my mom still has it.  However, Olivia did not inherit my lack of memory about these types of things so I knew it was all on the line for this to be memorable...

Back Story

Exactly one week before we discovered our loose tooth I called Olivia over and said, "Let me feel those teeth.  There has to be a loose one."  She obliges and I wiggle and wiggle and nothing happens.  My response, "They are solid as rocks."  We both shrug and go on about our business.  The next week we traveled together to give my bestie her bridal shower.  After hours in the Houston airport, out.of.the.blue she hops up from her movie and says, "Mommy, it feels weird when I grind my teeth."  Of course I am like, "You shouldn't be grinding your teeth."  Then she shows me how she grinds her teeth.  To which I grimace.  It's like nails on a chalkboard.  But I see...I see what she is doing and I know.  I stick my finger in her mouth and she has a loose tooth!  You could have made her sit there for another 5 hours and she would have been a happy little peach.  She has waited and waited and waited for this moment.  I have been wiggling rock solid teeth for a year.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to text Nate and tell him we needed another baby pronto.  (See, it was making me crazy.)  That is when she laid it on me.  No telling anyone, including Daddy.

The Story of the Loose Tooth

So as my luck would have it I have had 6 years to make a tooth fairy pillow and haven't done it.  And here we are when I really have no time...but I am Mom, hear me roar sew!  There was one small detail.  We had a dentist appointment.  I gave them my best mom look, with big pleading eyes, and said, "She has a loose tooth, I don't have the pillow made, please don't do anything that will make that tooth come out."  She loves us, she is a mom, this is probably not the first time she has had this request, she smiles, she says, "No problem."  Whew!  That was a close call.  Needless to say, I got to the machine, and we had a pillow!

Now I was ready.  As the next couple of days clicked on I had a new worry.  It wasn't coming out.  What would we do?  We were leaving for vacation.  Was I really going to have to explain that the Tooth Fairy can fly over water?  Just has I had decided that the Tooth Fairy is related to Tinkerbell and pixie dust would get her to the Bahamas, Daddy enters the scene.  With that determined look in his eye.  That, I am Man, I can pull tooth look.  Uh oh.  I must get the camera.  He looks serious.

Let the work begin.  I think my eyes were closed taking this picture.

I am sure I was holding my breath.  He better not hurt my baby.  

It.did.not.budge.  Not.one.bit.  

Man is like, "No way.  That tooth is coming out."  

I am like, "Just leave it.  It will come out.  I am It is not ready."

So we had dinner.

And just when we are headed to bed...and Man has had more time to create his plan, he announces we are going to try one more time.  Ugh!  I can't take it.

I go get my camera.  

And come back to this.

And then I see this.

Which makes me want to cry.

And then I hear the worst noise ever.  I look out from behind the camera to see the biggest smile Man has ever had....yes, he won!  Man vs. Tooth!

I run over and then I see it.  If you have a thing for seeing blood, quickly scroll past the next picture.  

Clearly she is not bothered from the smile.  Her mother is having issues though.  So I clean her up and stare Man down.  He made my baby bleed.  I am convinced there is no bleeding if it just wiggles itself out.  He stares back and says, "She really wanted it out." And then he smiles.  He is quite proud of himself.

So we posed with the tooth....

Then Addison remembered the pillow and brought it in to us.  

We loaded the pillow.

And headed to bed.

But not before we left her a note.

So there it is.  
We lost our first tooth.  
  We already have another loose tooth. 
I have totally gotten past the need another baby thing.
I have not gotten past the blood thing.  
And Man, well, he is still smiling.

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