Monday, September 29, 2014

Addison Turns 6

While many of you are experiencing fall right now, we are right smack in the middle of birthday season in our home.  Yes, three birthdays in less than thirty days.  As I said in last year's posts I was in the process of scaling the birthday parties way back and focusing on the child and the memories they would have of their special day. 

 Here is what we did this year.  This year each of the big girls got a trip with my mom and me.  Addison's trip was supposed to be to Seattle.  Due to the location of our home, the airplane could get us out there but not back home.  Small town probs.  So, I spent some time fretting over what to do and came to this conclusion.  I was making this way harder then it had to be.  I live in the same state as Mickey Mouse.  Hello?  I gave my mom the news.  She re-arranged her schedule to fit the change and we were off.

It was just the two of us the first day.  We ran to Epcot first thing.
The nicest cast member insisted we have our picture together.  I am so thankful for this.

Hands down her favorite ride!  She even made us go back and take Meme.  Design your own car and then race it against others.

Meme joined us the next day.  We stayed
Our third day was a visit to Hollywood Studios.  This was the best character meet-n-greet I have ever experienced.  My best capture was on my phone, through Instagram, with Jake laying a big kiss on her.
Animal Kingdom.  Final day.  Do you see what I see?  Look closely.

Face painting.  Not optional.  Mandatory.
What a wonderful time we girls had together.  We made memories that will not be forgotten!

Her actual birthday was just a few days after we returned and she had decided she wanted to go skating.  So, a skating party it was.  

Her favorite banana bread muffins for breakfast.  Yes, we sing Happy Birthday at every meal, and throughout the day.  And yes, there is a candle to be blown out at every meal.  These girls can get creative with their candles.  :)

I still ordered up festive decorations and those cute boxes had goodies in them for each girl.
The requested roller skate cake.  Made with love.
The excitement definitely builds as the UPS man visits our house during birthday month.  The worst?  I save them all and won't let them open them until the actual day.  ;)
After ordering her shirt in advance, I remembered a tutorial on one of my favorite craft blogs.  So, I ordered the materials and made us all a shirt!  Find out how to make your own here.
After we had dinner, cake, and opened presents we were off to skate.  It was already very late, but she was not putting it off.

Her first time at the rink, but not on skates.

She loved it!
And she did too.
My Sweet Addison,

     You have grown up so much this year.  You have expressed interests in trying lots of new things, such as tumbling and soccer.  You are now involved with both, while still enjoying dance.  You graduated from preschool and are now homeschooled with Olivia.  You have just completed your Kindergarten work and will begin your first grade work next week!  You are a very determined and competitive little girl.  This was evident when you insisted on having your own school books in January.  You are not one to be out-done and it bothers you immensely to see someone your age (or sometimes not) ahead of you in a particular area.  While this can serve as a great motivator in life, don't ever let it be the wheel that steers your ship.  You are perfect, just as God made you.  

     You love being outdoors playing with your friends, riding your bike and scooter, skating, playing tag, riding the waves at the beach, and helping wash the car in your bathing suit.  You enjoy indoor crafts, especially painting, playing with your American Girl dolls and Barbies, dressing up, playing in the make-up, and watching cartoons.  Your favorite place to be is with me.  You continue to be a momma's girl and want to go with me everywhere I go.  You are very easy to take along, so most times you get to go.  

    I am so blessed to be your mom and to get to see you grow up.  You bring so much joy to our home and my heart.  You have the sweetest smile that needs no explanation.  You thrive on positive words of encouragement and lots of hugs and kisses.  You are not afraid to ask for either.  May you always be bold in knowing what you want and asking for it.  May you continue to grow in your own way, being exactly who you are, and never apologizing for it. 
                                   I love you,

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