Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiny Dancer

This experience was a true testament to how time really does fly.  It seems like yesterday I was taking Olivia to her first dance class in January of 2009.  We had just moved to Texas and she was 3 years old.  She was so thrilled to begin this new adventure and I was so thrilled to see her do something that I spent 13 years of my life doing.  That was then...
January 2009 - Mommy and Olivia
and oh yeah...we had Addison tagging a mere 4 months old.  And I mean tagging along...I spent countless hours in the car nursing her or pumping milk (sorry if that is TMI, but we tell it like it is here)...yes, right there in the parking lot of the dance studio.  I know...I was crazy...for sure.  Then she grew up and crawled to everyone's purse to check out their stuff, then she toddled around the doll house in the waiting room trying to play with the bigger kids, and then she learned to climb up the stools so she could watch through the one-way mirror.  That is when it all began....her L.O.V.E of dance.  Any time the door to the class would open she would run in the class and they SPOILED HER!  The teachers would let her sit in the ballet circle or hold her at times so she could watch...for 3 years people...they are the BEST!  She has patiently sat through 6 recitals (2 a year) and all of the hoopla that goes with it...HAIR ain't pretty in this house on those days.  But the results are...
May 2011 - Addison and Olivia
 So, there are no words to describe her absolute JOY when she finally got to go in the dance room in tights, a leotard, and tap!
 She picked out the biggest tutu dance outfit we own and she was ready!  And I mean ready...
She gave it a little shake...and then she let loose...
There is no greater joy in being a parent then giving our children the opportunity to do something that gives them such joy.  I will never forget her smile on that day...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look Who's 3!

This is me---Addison---I just turned 3!  

Some folks think a second child doesn't get as much attention as a first, but not me.  Look how I got to celebrate turning 3!  First, Meme flew into Dallas and took me to Great Wolf Lodge.  This is our second year doing this.  I love it there. Mommy even made it into a real party with Dora decorations and a cake.  I got to decorate the cake all by myself.  

Guess who else showed up to my party?
My best friends!  That is right...the cowboys left the country for a little city life and a LOT of swimming.  This was the best surprise!
Meme took me into the BIG wave pool.  I promised her I wouldn't let Mommy put her wet head on this blog.  She is not to fond of herself with her wet head.
 It was a  I was waiting on Mommy and Daddy to "pretty-up" and well, I just couldn't hold out.  This is not normal, I promise.  That is why Mommy took a picture.
Really not normal...that is why she let me sleep through the family photo too.  I think she felt sorry for me.  It didn't last long...I woke up before we made it to the car.  We were going out for my birthday dinner...The Rainforest Cafe!
See what a little beauty sleep does for a girl?  I was ready to party!  This is my balloon sword the balloon lady made me.  She said I could have anything, so first I asked her to make Dora.  She got this look on her face, bet she will be more careful next time.  I settled for a sword.  Every princess needs one right?
Mommy washed my new pajamas Meme and Popi got me and Sallye Anne, as soon as we got home.  I was so excited I could hardly go to sleep. 
  I had school on my actual birthday.  Guess what I got?  Daddy stayed up and took me to school!  
 Then he took Mommy to breakfast, then he came back, then he lit the candles for my birthday cake for school, then he went home and went to bed.  I think he was tired.  He swam a lot too.  Oh yes, same dress I wore before. I love it.  I made Mommy clean it and let me wear it again...and again...and again.  That is, until I could get home and change into my real Dora costume for my birthday dinner. third cake in three days.  I was livin' right.  Mommy said I might not sleep for days with all that sugar.  But it was ok...because I was 3!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Name Is

As many of you know, Nate and I served in the children's department of our church last school year every Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  Nate didn't think I was so crazy when I signed us up for one of these.  It was when I signed us up for twice a week he thought I might need to be admitted.  And, I must say, after the first Wednesday night, with 20 just barely 3 year olds, I almost admitted myself.  WOW!  But, we adjusted and I must say that we became better people and parents from this experience and those kids truly blessed our lives.  We had some great tales and good laughs because kids, well, they say and do things that are so honest and pure...and FUNNY!  It becomes H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S when they aren't even trying to be funny...which brings me to our most recent serving experience.

With Baby Girl on the way, we are on a rotating schedule for Sunday mornings.  This means we get a surprise in the mail at the first of each month.  That would be the calendar that tells us which room we will work in on a certain Sunday of the month.  So, we get our calendar and we are first up this month.  I had sort of figured out that these kids would be about three, given the room number.  I didn't fully divulge this to Man because the just barely, if at all, potty trained kids...well, that age is not high on his list.  Nonetheless, we arrive, I was right, and well, it didn't take him long to figure out.  So, I tell him I will do all of the potty part and he can do entertainment.

WARNING..I have potty trained 2 GIRLS...never a boy...and I give this warning when Mommas ask me for potty advice because I have learned, in some hilarious ways, that girls and boys potty train very differently.  The most important thing I learned, when helping Cowgirl with little Trynt...there is sitting potty training and standing.  That's right...poor Trynt thought I lost my mind when I sat him on the potty one night...little thing wasn't even talking fully but he was going potty...not for me on this night though.  When I tell Cowgirl, she explains he has moved onto standing.  That explained his "What are you doing to me look?" and another reason God gave me girls.  SO, this was to be a challenge on this morning, but I was ready...or so I thought.

I decide that they are all going to go potty before we go out to play.  Most of them line up and admit to needing to go and the others try to convince us they don't need to go.  They are 3...they need to go whether they admit it or not.  My little girls go right problem.  Then there are my little boys.  One by one they file in.  Now here is where my "Trynt training" comes in handy.  A few of them march in and I can tell they can do this on their own.  I help with their buttons and they do the rest...sure enough...some sit, some stand.  I might could do a thesis about this come to think of it.  Anyway, I was down to the last few and one of my sweet boys comes in.  He asks for help with his button and getting his pants down.  I help and then stand back and tell him to tell me when he is done and I will help get him back together.  He goes potty and tells me he is ready.  I go in, kneel down behind him and pull up his underwear.  Now, this little boy has the cutest personality.  So, I say "Hey, I see Buzz and Woody!" (They are covering his tush...) and I pull up his pants.
Without hesitation...he says, "NO, I am Phillip Henry Taylor!"  I thought I would die right there.  He was so serious and really had no clue.  Never looked at me, turned to the sink, washed his hands, and ran out to play.  I am still giggling about this.  I love kids and they can just make your day with something so simple...or in my week.  

And guess what?  Even Nate said, at the end, that he thought it was such a shame that these sweet kids didn't have a consistent set of teachers each week.  And let me tell you, if Baby Girl wasn't popping out in 6 short weeks, I would have RUN to sign us up.  Why?  Because they are sweet, and loving, and they are mine.  Yep, I claimed 'em after being with them just one time.  GO! SERVE! YOU WILL BE BLESSED!  I PROMISE!...And if you are lucky, you might get a good laugh...or two...along the way!

**Little Phillip Henry..that isn't his real name...I can't tell you his real name, so I picked one just as distinguished sounding as his little name really is.  I have to protect God's little angel."

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