Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look Who's 3!

This is me---Addison---I just turned 3!  

Some folks think a second child doesn't get as much attention as a first, but not me.  Look how I got to celebrate turning 3!  First, Meme flew into Dallas and took me to Great Wolf Lodge.  This is our second year doing this.  I love it there. Mommy even made it into a real party with Dora decorations and a cake.  I got to decorate the cake all by myself.  

Guess who else showed up to my party?
My best friends!  That is right...the cowboys left the country for a little city life and a LOT of swimming.  This was the best surprise!
Meme took me into the BIG wave pool.  I promised her I wouldn't let Mommy put her wet head on this blog.  She is not to fond of herself with her wet head.
 It was a  I was waiting on Mommy and Daddy to "pretty-up" and well, I just couldn't hold out.  This is not normal, I promise.  That is why Mommy took a picture.
Really not normal...that is why she let me sleep through the family photo too.  I think she felt sorry for me.  It didn't last long...I woke up before we made it to the car.  We were going out for my birthday dinner...The Rainforest Cafe!
See what a little beauty sleep does for a girl?  I was ready to party!  This is my balloon sword the balloon lady made me.  She said I could have anything, so first I asked her to make Dora.  She got this look on her face, bet she will be more careful next time.  I settled for a sword.  Every princess needs one right?
Mommy washed my new pajamas Meme and Popi got me and Sallye Anne, as soon as we got home.  I was so excited I could hardly go to sleep. 
  I had school on my actual birthday.  Guess what I got?  Daddy stayed up and took me to school!  
 Then he took Mommy to breakfast, then he came back, then he lit the candles for my birthday cake for school, then he went home and went to bed.  I think he was tired.  He swam a lot too.  Oh yes, same dress I wore before. I love it.  I made Mommy clean it and let me wear it again...and again...and again.  That is, until I could get home and change into my real Dora costume for my birthday dinner. third cake in three days.  I was livin' right.  Mommy said I might not sleep for days with all that sugar.  But it was ok...because I was 3!!!

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  1. So glad we were able to help you celebrate your 3rd birthday!!!


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