Friday, August 17, 2012

The Daddy Diary - Days 12 & 13

Hey Dad, Mom here...

So sorry about not posting last night.  It was quite a busy day and I had an important date last night.  A sleepover.  With Addison.  Yes, I know I am crazy.  On top of that she said there were no computers allowed at the sleepover.  No, that won't work for you.  I went into withdrawals.  Really.  Anyway.  Here are the last two days.

Yesterday was BIG!  Meet the teacher day for both girls.  I have to tell on myself.  When we pulled into Olivia's school I felt the ugly cry come over me.  I don't know why.  I was so nervous for her and she was a ball of nerves too.  I wanted to protect her but I didn't know how.  Then I was the one about to lose it.  However, after we parked 5 miles away and unloaded everybody and bag we could possibly need within an hour time frame, we were off.

She was very nervous at first.  So was her teacher.  A first year teacher.  Like maybe 22 years old...first year.  If she only knew what was coming her way. Oh my.  Maybe I should send a disclaimer on Monday?  I tried to warn her.  She smiled real sweet and didn't act scared.  

Doesn't she look fun?

Then last night we went to Addison's school.  Amazing!  It's has all of the warmth of School for Little People and the same fun stuff as Mrs. Maxwell's room!  The little centers are so great and it passed the test...there was a computer for her to use.  She informed me that it needed to have one, so I was relieved.  

She made sure the kitchen was in good working order.

For an hour.

Her teacher's name is Ms. Laura.  She is sweet and young and fun and very that!  

It was a good day and I know you will love it as much as I did.  I am so thankful we found these wonderful schools for our girls.  Thank you for working so hard for Addison to have this wonderful experience.  She was in love with all of it!

Then we came the rain...put on our pjs...watched Dolphin Tale...put Olivia to sleep in the princess tent...and Addison crawled into bed with me.  A great day!


Bright and early at 0615  Olivia bounds in the room this morning, I send her back, she bounds back again 30 minutes later, I send her back again and well, her day didn't start off very well.  If you know what I mean.

Once we got going we were off to get haircuts.  Addison began insisting yesterday that she wanted to cut hers off.  We had many conversations in the past 24 hours about this.  Where I am like, "I can't put it back on you know?"  To which she says, "Yes, cut it off."  Over and over and over.

Then I was a ball of nerves all morning.  So, I texted Cowgirl.  

Me: Haircuts today.  Addison wants to cut hers short and I am scared.  What do you think?

Cowgirl: I wonder if it's long enough to donate?  I'd be nervous too but you can always grow it out again.  

Me:  I thought of donating it too.  I will ask them.  I think I am going to let her.  I am just afraid she doesn't really understand.

Cowgirl:  I know!!

Well, that was it.  A little support is all I needed at 0900.  And you know what?  Addison was right!  

Then the rose for the day was our big date tonight!  We got invited to dinner with Lexi and Aubriee. I didn't tell them, of course, until half way through the day.  Obviously.  We all had a great time and the girls had a blast.  Allye is clearly ready for Trey to be on all fours.  She hovers and yes, wants to steal his paci too.  What is with her?  She even re-decorated their whole living room.  Mostly picture frames.  At least they know who to call for those services now.  :)  

Love you!


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