Monday, November 5, 2012

Five More Babies

I have been meaning to show these to you for a couple of weeks but one thing leads to another and someone does something crazy and I never get to show you what I planned to show you because crazy is so much more interesting.  That is what happens when you have three kids...I guess.

So, sometimes I make my girls let me take their picture for no reason at all.  They are not fond of this.  But then when I download them I realize an everlasting truth...Mama knows best and they WILL thank me in 25 years.

(Can I please have skin like this when I wake up in the morning?)

Some are more cooperative then others...

(Do you think I could pose like a rock-star when I feel like it and people will think it's cute?)

And then there is this... and this melts my heart... and makes me want five more babies...

Don't you love her?  I could eat her up!  Does it make you want five more babies?  Me too!

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

We did!

---Mama B.

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