Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where There's Nothing To Do

 Some, maybe most, people would drive the tightly winding roads to this remote area we are staying in this week and say, "This isn't for us, there is nothing to do."  I have two feelings about this actually.  One - I am glad there are people like that because then it wouldn't be so remote anymore.  Two - I would feel sorry for them that quality time with their family and kids breathing fresh air, playing outside, swimming in the lake, and going on hikes doesn't qualify as "enough to do" anymore.  Actually, the fact that there isn't a flashing light, blaring noise, city distractions, or any distractions is just what I love about this place.

There is actually lots of this...it makes Man's heart happy!

And when we go on walks, the only sound you hear is the crunch of freshly fallen leaves beneath your feet.  I would bet round silver coins that you could hear a pin drop...if you weren't crunching the leaves that is.

There are always treasures waiting to be found...or picked.  Beauty...it is in the eye of the beholder.  I was captivated by what they saw to be beautiful on our walk.  Each item had to be the best to make it into our bag.  ;)

There is always an animal track to stop and see.  I love watching Man teach our girls about the different tracks.  It just seems so fatherly.  It makes my heart melt.

Sometimes you find something that brings back memories.  Addison saw this and with the greatest excitement said, "Mommy, it's a T for Trynt!"  Oh how this made her day and then we had some great talks about Trynt, our favorite cowboy in Texas.  That was a special time in our day for sure.

There were bragging rights for things like biggest of something...who would have thought there could be a leaf the size of a face?  It made the bag!

Then there is the moment when you return like it is Halloween night and marvel at what you "got".

Then you get on your scooter and ride down the steepest driveway ever...because Mommy is cheering you on and taking five zillion pictures and clapping like crazy!

While others seem to have lost their legs and need a different kind of ride.

And then...then there is this.

What better place to practice your shot?  

I 100% love this!  I love that they are learning about all kinds of things in life.  I mostly love when their daddy is teaching them, and how they listen so intently and want to do it right...just for him.

 A new memory was made today.  Addison pulled the trigger for the first time!  She was so proud of herself.  This was a right of passage in her eyes.  I loved seeing the light in her eyes when, "She did it!" 

There is this one modern day amenity that my girls cherish here in this place.

All except one.

This was not her thing.  Not one bit.  She told us so.  Over and over and over.  She will come around.  This we know for sure.  But hey, what a memory!

 Then there is the bonding that happens at the kitchen table.  This is always some of my favorite times with my girls.

That is why boys aren't invited.

We love making pretty things.

But God's pretty is always better.


from a very remote place in the mountains of North Carolina, 
where there is plenty to do ;)

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