Friday, November 23, 2012

Mama's Top Five Friday - Thankful

We have had a truly wonderful week enjoying our time together as a family.  While we are thankful for our blessings daily, what a special time of year to take extra time and reflect and express our thanks.  

1.) Allye enjoying our trail walk through the leaves and the grass.  Fingers crossed grass is her new best friend.

2.) Olivia having "shot" practice with her BB Gun.  That girl loves the mountains...and the BB Gun...and a little competition.

3.) Addison's biggest smile of the week...when she found a T for Trynt on our nature walk.

4.) Self family portrait at the end of our vacation.  I will cherish this forever.

5.) Thanksgiving Day--- I hope yours was as wonderful as ours.  We laughed and loved and hope you did too.

---The Thankful Mama

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