Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Lord, I Am Requesting Deferment

Forever and ever and ever Olivia has told me that she was not ever getting her ears pierced.  Ever.  This child is terrified of needles.  Suited me just fine.  One less thing to worry about and, well, I knew she would come around.  What I didn't expect was that she would come into my room one morning just three short weeks ago and announce that she was getting her ears pierced that day because she had a dream that she did and I needed to take her right then before she changed her mind.  That last part folks, that is how I knew I would be doing no such thing.  If there was going to be any "rule" about this it was that she would want to do it for herself.  Ready and willing. 

Best I can remember I had to be nine years old.  Marked in stone no more, no less.  I am not that kind of mother...sort of.  Doesn't make me better I just don't prefer that method...right now ;)  I mean dating is going to be like twenty-five around here and I just had to be sixteen.  ;)  I have tried to gauge my children and their requests with what seems reasonable and in accordance with our values.  For me, this was not a really life or death decision, compared to some others I have had to make recently.  The hardest part for me, as I explained to Man one night laying in the bed at some late hour, when his eyes were half shut.  "Why is she doing this to me?  First the hair and now this?  This is more then I can take.  Does she know what she is doing to her mother?"  Snooooore.  Huh uh.  So I slept on it. 

Then I decided this.  For me, she had to be responsible enough to take care of them.  I was not adding that to my chore list.  Considering this is the child who has owned two pair of very nice glasses for a year and they are still  in mint condition I think this one was a "yes".  Two, she would not be allowed to wear dangles and we would not be having a further discussion on this.  She agreed and we are still clarifying to her what a dangle is.  They just look soooo tempting! 

So once we decided that it was a "go" we then decided to surprise her and let her do them while we were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.  Then Meme could be there to see them (per Olivia's request)!  I was so excited to tell her, so I made her guess.  She did...eventually.  Then the nerves kicked in.  She said, "Why didn't you tell me so I could prepare?"  Ha ha ha.  I didn't tell her so she wouldn't ask me 5,127 times, "How many more days?"

And for all of the build up and all of my worry and all of Man's sleepless sleep-filled nights over was over...just like that.

Dry the nervous tears away...

and we were done for the day.

Please Lord, I need a break.  Can you please defer all further events that make me wonder where my baby went to someone else...for like the next two years?  Please and thank you.

Want to see how it really played out?  Click below for the video.  If you get this post through an email subscription you will want to click the link, scroll to the bottom and watch the video directly from the blog.

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