Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Not So Plastic Christmas

I can't really say what has come over me lately.  A lot probably.  But we will just start here.  Christmas.  Am I the only one who is so over it?  I don't mean the reason for it, but the hoopla that surrounds it.  Anyway, I began my mission for downsizing last year.  It was hard I must admit.  I am as bad as a kid sometimes.  Don't we all do it?  We get in the store and the child in us just comes out.  It really is awful and then Man just looks at me like, "Is that for you or them?"  

So, to add to my downsizing efforts, this year I am on a different kind of mission.  A homemade kind of mission.  This is how it works...mostly.  I am on a mission to hand make or buy from someone who did make it, most of our Christmas gifts, especially for the girls.  I am so over the plastic and lights and batteries and noise and plastic.  Is anybody with me?  So now I am on a mission to support as many people, Mommas, Daddies, Grandmas, and Grandpas who are making things and sharing their talent with all of us.  There is nothing, for me, that says love more then something homemade.  I have a cousin, through marriage, who has never given my kids anything store bought and I have a 7, 4, and 1 year old.  I look forward to her gifts for them more then anything.  Her gifts scream love, detail, and the gift of her time.  

The sad reality is that I am one person.  I cannot possibly make everything for my kids, nor do I have the skill to do so.  So, for me, the next best thing is to support those who can.  I would encourage you to do the same.  These people take so much pride in what they do and they actually want you to love it!  Isn't that awesome?  Now on to the fun part.  I have made a few purchases toward my goal already and I can't wait to share them with you.  Here we go!

When my baby seven year old announced the whole ear piercing thing to me, and then once I knew it was going to be a "go", I went straight to Etsy.  My "go to" place for all things handmade.  I wanted something unique and fun for her tiny little ears...once the six weeks is up, of course.  I had success.  I found these.

You must see her shop!  AL Joyeria has cool stuff for everyone.  I might be going back for myself ;)

We have a slight love for American Girl in this house.  Man's wallet is not part of the love, however.  The girls circled every.single.item in the catalog when it came so how was I to know?  Besides, Santa doesn't get the catalog.  ;)  Now, this was fun...because let me tell you...there is some serious talent out there and I spent hours looking through this stuff.  Here is just a bit of what I found.

Auntie Jans specializes in the clothing department of American Girls or similar sized dolls.  Best part?  Everything is ready to ship.  Guess who's Bitty Baby will have some styling diapers?

Are you squealing like I did?  Addison is going to be in heaven...until Olivia decides her Bitty Baby is cool again and needs these too.

If you have one of these dolls then you can appreciate the way my eyeballs pop out of my head when a simple bed is $200....or more.  Then I got to thinking.  Sometimes I have time for this...at midnight.  That is how I found A Crafter's Nook.  They make so much more then these cute little beds.  You must go see them.  Here is what I chose and I got to select the cutouts.  WOOHOO!

These beds can bunk, or not, and I am so totally over the moon (no pun intended) about painting them and making the bedding!  Love, love, love this!  Here is one more thing in their shop that I really want...I may have to go back!

The tiny hands in my house would love this!

Then there was this.

 Oh my word.  I couldn't help myself.  And then, the next morning I got the sweetest message from the shop owner.  How excited she was to make this for me and to contact her anytime.  You can find Christine at Lavenderlore.  Let me just say that this little number is the tip of the iceberg.  Without a self-imposed dollar restriction I would have gone crazy in her store...for a doll...yes.

For my sweet little Allye I have the cutest thing ever being handcrafted on a working ranch in San Antonio, TX.  I saw this on a blog I frequent and bought it immediately.  It is called a Sweet Seat.  It gets the little ones up above the table for easier eating while making them feel "big" without the nasty straps and constraints. 

 They even come in mini sets...one for the big girl and one for her "baby".  To.die.for!  Click in to Sweet Seasons Farm and see all the goodness they are cooking up over there! 

Well, I have started shopping now.  Have you?  Better yet...I am supporting folks who are working hard to support their families doing something they love...are you?  I hope this encourages you to try and buy some homemade items this holiday season.  More to come.  The shopping is not done!  

I will give you some glimpses, along the way, of what I am contributing to this homemade Christmas too!

---The So Over the Plastic Mama

P.S.   The UPS man and I had a talk the other day.  He appreciates my effort towards his job security.  :)

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  1. I agree!! After you told me this last year, I have tried to find more homemade gifts too!! I like Chick Lingo & Lauren Nicole Gifts (if you want to add them to your list).


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