Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Unplanned Days

I carefully rolled out of bed yesterday morning, gently grabbed my camera, tiptoed to the glass French doors, and slowly pulled the handle.  I thought you might like to see what met me there.  I wasn't disappointed.

I stood and soaked it all in and then I heard a cry and turned to see Allye with her face planted against the great room windows crying her tiny eyes out at the sight of me more then ten paces away.  Ahhh, it was good while it lasted.  And the day began.

I knew of this little park we had been to years before when the girls were smaller.  We decided to take a drive there.  We saw this on the way.  

Poor thing was camera shy.  Must not have its picture made as often as my girls do.  

We were having a blast on the swing set with a "How high can you go?" competition...

when we saw a gravel path and began to follow it...

 Yes!  She is in the grass and the leaves!  It's a miracle!  There are only 122 more pictures of proof, if you need it.

It lead us to a leaf filled trail that we couldn't resist.  

 We descended down a narrow path that opened into a large field.

We found our way onto another trail and suddenly Man says, "Shhhh.  I hear running water."  Who does that?  I am thinking..."Ok, if your thirsty there is bottled water at the car."  Clearly that wasn't the point.  This was one of those manly moments...Boy Scoutish...Man v. get it.  Yes, we followed the sound...

 and found this...

and this.

Addison was happiest in the leaves.

 Allye needed more time to take it all in.

 I love what can happen when there is no plan.  


And sometimes I don't.  

I woke up this morning without a care in the world, baked some delicious glazed pear muffins, and told Man I would take care of the dishes.  I made a HUGE mess because I was planning ahead and prepared dinner at the same time.  I felt a little guilty.  I was three glasses into my huge mess when it happened.  I called for Man.  He ran.  I held it out.  He tried to touch it.  I wouldn't let him.  He said he had it under control and he went for the First Aid kit.  He did not want to hear me the first, second, or third time I told him it needed stitches.  Apparently Band Aids fix everything in Man's world.  Except I quickly learned that 10.8 miles away was more then a Band Aid.  I kissed my babies goodbye and was out the door and headed down the mountain.  

 That folks it NOT a Band Aid.  There was blood, more blood, needles, numbing, sutures, splints, gauze, and blood.  And what does he say when I bounce in the house (the numbing was in full effect still)?  "Hey, quit pointing at me!"  He thought he was funny.  He is doing dishes for the next 7 days.

It didn't get us down.  We had a last walk to take.  Walking sticks were promised.

They are gorgeous works of art now.  Man knows about these things.  Apparently.

I would say this place, as remote as it is, gave us more then we expected, memories that will last forever, and plenty to do. ;)


A neat little mountain snack I made for the girls and thought I would share.

Your kids will thank you!

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