Monday, November 19, 2012

An Ultimate Act of Kindness --- Ripping the Band Aid Off

Last Friday I gave you a slight hint of something that occurred during the week that I could not discuss at the moment.  It was #5.  So today I am ripping off the band aid and giving you the story, the whole story, and nothing but the story.  Sorry, I got carried away.  Avoidance I guess.  Here we go.

I informed the big girls that they would be getting haircuts before we left on vacation.  Addison immediately informed me that she wanted to make sure I let her get hers cut shorter then last time.  I quickly agreed because she is 4 and she forgets things and she is easily persuaded.  Except she talked about it everyday, she was not forgetting, and she was not convinced in anyway.  There was no amount of Mommy bribing that was working.  I excepted defeat.

After hearing Addison and I go back and forth on this for several days Olivia comes to me one day and says, "Mom, I want to cut my hair."  I reply, "Ok."  I am assuming a trim here friends, since at age 4 this child informed me she was growing out her hair like a princess and it had to touch her bottom.  I was sorely mistaken.  Upon further explanation she says, "Like really cut it Mom.  I want to donate my hair to the kids who don't have any."  I let this sink in.  As the days passed she continued to talk about it and I would say, "Are you sure?  I can't glue it back on.  It took three years to grow your hair and it's not to your bottom yet."  She gave me cordial smiles and knowing nods to each of my most valid points.  And then it happened.  Last Thursday, the day before the haircut appointment, we were weaving through the roads of our tree-lined neighborhood on the way to dance.  As I slow to turn she says, "Mom, I can't wait to get my haircut tomorrow!"  To which I reply, "Olivia.  You won't have any hair left."  Kind of in that exasperated Mom tone that says, "Have you heard my very valid points for the last four days?"  In return she responds in the most confident, definitive, and determined tone I have ever heard from her, "Mom, if I was one of those kids who didn't have hair, you would want someone like me to donate theirs."  And that folks was all it took.  Who can argue with that?

I can tell you we were both very nervous Friday morning when we walked into the salon.  I was armed with a camera that I was going to hide behind and she was all smiles.  

There was lots and lots and lots of measuring.

 The ponytail was made.  

(Side Note---I later read we should have done several ponytails. Doing one can cause a loss of up to four inches.  Yikes!)

 The final moment.  Last chance to pull the plug!


 BUT...she didn't!


When I lay my head down each night I wonder if I made a difference in their lives that day.  Did I show them what is important to our family by living it out?  Did I explain the whys and hows so they understood?  What can I do better to train them up in the way they should go?  But, on Friday night I laid down my head and knew...this sweet child taught me today, by living it out.  She put the need of someone she will never meet above her own desires and never turned back.  Now that, in my book, was an ultimate act of kindness that I am so grateful I was a part of.


As promised...a glimpse from my writing spot this week in the mountains of North Carolina.  Just me, Man, and the girls. 

 After living apart for almost four months we needed this.  My girls are getting their cups filled and that...that makes me happy.

***We chose to send her hair to Wigs for Kids.  To learn more about this company and how to donate hair or financially you can click here.  They never charge for their wigs.  They have no idea who we are I just admire their passion to give kids confidence and make them feel whole again!

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  1. I know how hard this was for you Mom but what an AMAZING girl! As I kept telling myself each time I did Locks For Love, it is just hair and it will grow back and each time it has and with my new hair, so have I. Love you make me proud!


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