Friday, November 2, 2012

When Your Kid Gets Your Camera

Since I have been a mom long enough to know that taking my 7 year old to my 4 year olds preschool trick-or-treat could end in disaster and fighting I decided to try a new trick.  I decided to ask Olivia to take pictures of the event since my hands would be "full" helping Addison and wrangling Allye.  She was so excited.  My plan was to buy one of those throw away cameras.  It was definitely not my plan to let her use mine.  But then I went to the store way too late that night and walked out without a camera.  I didn't realize this right away.  I convinced myself the next morning that she could surely use my camera with close supervision.  I confessed that I forgot and was quickly forgiven when she learned she could use mine.  Then, 30 and a half minutes later I was turning out of our neighborhood and realized I forgot my camera.  It was one of those mornings.  We went back...everyone could breathe again...the camera was in the car.  

So here is what I learned.  When I scrolled through the pictures she took and saw this...

I chuckled and thought, "Note to self...Olivia takes great mid-body shots!"

But then I saw this...

and decided she was the best photographer ever.  I felt like she was seeing ME---who I am to her, mother, playmate, and friend.  She can take my picture anytime...mid-body or not!


This little blog I love to read does what she calls High Five for Friday with her top 5 photos every week.  I am trying it out this week.

Thanks for stopping by!  Got any weird body shots your kids took?  Me too.

---The Mama

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