Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Sunday Tradition...The Beginning

Ever wanted the perfect neighbors?  Us too.  Guess what?  We finally got them!

 In case I have not said enough about our neighbors let me say some more.  WE LOVE THEM!  We love all of them but let me just say I have never been as appreciative of divine timing and placement as I am for this family.  They moved into their home three weeks before we did and they are just three doors down!  They have two girls and a boy...the exact same ages as our girls!  We hit it off right away!

The men have football love in common, of course, but us gals...we both love to scrapbook.  Guess what?  Both of us are only years behind in this department.  We have had many discussions and analysis about how to remedy this with no luck.  But then, I got to thinking.  Sometimes I have time for this.  

So I sent a text that said,"Want to do football again Sunday?  I want to try this new chili recipe.  Maybe we could scrap while the babies sleep."  

'Cause we no it is all about the babies sleeping. ;)  

And the best neighbor ever (TBNE) replies, "Sounds like a fun Sunday to me...what can I make?"

You must know that she finds fun in everything. 

And it began...

We were like giddy little girls.  She slides in next to me on the pew Sunday morning to announce she has it all set up and ready...and we do a little giggle and then talk about how we orchestrated the babies and their morning naps to make sure they went to sleep on command after church.  The men are like, huh?  You mommas know what we mean. 

So we rushed home and I had to pack up to go three houses down.  Man looks at all of my stuff and says, "Exactly how are you going to get all of that down there?"  To be honest I figured we would carry it but I did have a lot of stuff.  I just looked at him with the, "You are going to figure this out, right?" look.  He says, "Ok, I'll just make a couple of trips."  He couldn't get it out of his mouth til I was sprinting through the laundry room out into the garage.  The door soared up and I was back loading up my stuff.  Even he couldn't believe it.  I was a genius.  Sometimes that happens...when I have time to think.

I mean, he thought it was so great (or I was so crazy) that he took a picture. you think I am a genius too!  And just when I thought I didn't need the baby stroller anymore.  

Confession #1 - It didn't all fit.  He had to go back for the crock pot.  Priorities people.

Confession #2 - I will be taking this stroller shopping to hold my shopping bags from now on. 

   Confession #3 - I have TBNE!

Confession #4 - I will be three houses down again this Sunday...scrapbooking (giggle)!

Happy Hump Day!

---The Happy Momma

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  1. i love that you love your neighbors!

    Have a great night! Drop by and say hi!


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