Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Pizza Man Mustaches

Last week the best neighbor ever, Miranda, asked me if we could watch her kids one night this week because she never wins anything but she won something.  A ballroom dancing lesson.  Yes, she is married to a good man.  :)  Of course, I agreed to watch her sweet babies.

And then I got to thinking...

What would I feed them?  I already had pizza on the menu that night...just not the kind that most kids want to eat.  So I decided I would just make them a different pizza.  Then I considered letting them make their own pizzas.  Then I decided that might be too adventuresome, even for me.  Then I decided, what the heck, I'll just throw them a pizza party!

I got really ambitious and decided we need for it to look like the pizza restaurant---enter checkered tablecloth.  Then I got a brilliant idea and Man rolled his eyes slightly (more the "you are nuts" rolling).  He does that occasionally.  Yes, he walked in on me cutting out mustache shapes for the girls to play with.

They didn't roll their eyes once.  The LOVED it! 

I love this girl...she is up for anything!

I also made another set and punched holes right in the middle of them and slid them onto the straws!  Cutest things ever!  Then we ate lots of pizza and yelled, "Pizza party!" like 543 times while we ate.  The little babies thought we were crazy.  Man only eye rolled like once.  He secretly loved it.  Really.

Of course we had to have dessert.  Do you know my kids?  Ok.  So I baked some brownies...and sliced them into triangles...of course.

Then there was cheese icing...and pepperonis M & Ms...there was no one here to stop us.

 How about you?

Ever made an ordinary something into extraordinary, with just a few more steps?

It is worth it.

I promise.

---Mama B.

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