Sunday, November 18, 2012

Late...It's the New Early

We are late.  It seems like the new trend here.  Everyday that went by that I hadn't gotten even an inch closer to taking Allye's one year pictures, my nerves spiraled into places in my body I didn't know existed.  So, better late than never is my new motto.  That's how I forgive myself.  For now.  Anyway, it was with much joy that Nate and I finally took Allye out last weekend to take these much anticipated one year pictures.  She was perfect.  I can say that.  I am her mother.

When I looked through the lens I smiled.  I smiled at the way she adores her daddy and he adores her.  I smiled just thinking about the times they will share together and the times they have shared together. 

 Then I began scanning through the pictures of Allye and me.  I like to do this.  I never allow myself to focus on imperfections in the first run through.  I am looking for the bond, connection, and the feel.  When I saw these I felt captured.  When I see her I see happiness, love, trust, and adoration…all traits I hope to forever see in her eyes when she looks at me.  When I see me, I see complete love of a child that captured my heart from her first breath.

When I looked through the lens at her sitting alone I couldn’t believe how the time has passed.  I still can’t believe she is mine, except she calls me by name now.  I want to hug her up and never let her go, knowing that I must do just that one day.  But, until that day comes I will hold her hand, wrap my arms around her, and squeeze her tight day and night.

  I am so thankful for this sweet miracle that we have been blessed with.  I will never take her for granted and love her all the days of my life.

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  1. I'm going to need a few of these!!!! Trynt didn't believe me at first when I told him it was Allye. Couldn't believe she was so big!!!


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