Monday, October 22, 2012

We Are Going BATTY for BATS!

We have been busy studying bats here at the Bouchard house!  Why would we do such a thing you might wonder?  Well... A.) It's a Halloween thing!  and B.) Olivia informed me in week one that she wanted to pick her own nocturnal animal to study...when I chose owls.  So, bats it was although this completely grossed me out.  Sacrifices people, sacrifices.  

I was able to find lots of cool bat projects and we accomplished a few.  Take a look at the fun we had!

We took two egg cartons and cut them so we had three humps on each one.  We then took black acrylic paint and got messy!  Paint the inside first!  Yes, their hands are going to be black.  This project was slightly time consuming if you have OCD, like me, and need every square inch covered in black paint.  Recovery Step 2 - confession - I painted all the still green spots when they were playing.  I feel much better now.

Then you glue on two googly eyes and a piece of beautiful ribbon on top and voila!

We decorated our chandelier and added some to our Christmas tree that is currently flocked with Halloween ornaments!  **Note that we cut the end "wings" of our bats to look a little more like wings.  Do this on the front and back.

One of Olivia's learning activities was to make a bat out of trapezoids.  This was quick and fun and fulfilled her desire to cut and paste one day.

Here is the link where you can print one out!  Click here.

Our final project I chose so that both girls could participate.  They both had a blast and it reinforced the basics of bats for Olivia.  Check out our Itsy Bitsy Bat Books!

Want your own?  Go here and print one out!  Great fun so you can cook dinner in peace!

We also went on our first field trip!  We visited the Emerald Coast Science Center in Fort Walton!  The big girls went to Meme's science center this summer and loved it so I had my fingers crossed.  It was a hit!

And then we saw this...

and I said to Olivia, "Hey, Olivia look at this.  What do you see?"  She didn't even pause and said, "A target."  Then she turned and walked away.  No discussion.  No follow-up for Mom.  Nothing.  Please not wear a triangle on your person...she might shoot you.

Then we had snack by the water...

and played at the park next door!

Then we spent twenty minutes de-sanding.  That is not a real word...that is a Mom word and you all know what I mean.  As always, it was worth it!

Here are the books we read about bats!  Go get one!

Find it here - Bats at the Beach
                   Find it here - Bats

              Find it here - Beautiful Bats               

                                    Find it here - Bats at the Library                                       

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