Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Sweetest Sound

So I think all moms would agree that the sweetest sound ever is when your newborn baby let's out their first cry.  You have waited.  And waited.  And waited.  To hear that precious sound for, well, ever.  But, that is not the sound we are all gathered here to hear about today.  No.  We are here to discuss the second sweetest sound ever.  The sound of your name coming from their lips.

Exactly 53 hours and 32 minutes ago, but who is counting? my sweet Allye uttered those words.  Mama.  Full disclosure would have me tell you it went something like this...  There was lots of noise and commotion going on with her big sisters (normal) and she kept coming to me and holding her hands up and walking to the pantry.  I was clearly not giving her the appropriate attention until I heard her say, "Maaaaaa, Maaaaaaa.  Ma,ma,ma,ma,ma,mama."  It really took me a minute to realize what she was saying.  And then I wish there was a camera on all of our faces.  The kitchen fell silent and Olivia looks at me with her big blue eyes as wide as they could be and says, "Mama, she said your name!"  We all started clapping and smiling at her and she thought she was something else.  And since she had our full attention she walked to the pantry and said my name again.  As I opened the door, she went inside the pantry and pointed to the Nilla Wafers.  I obliged and she was on her way.  I was so totally used, but I didn't mind.  I will take it!  The best part?  She hasn't stopped saying it since.  And we still clap and smile every time she does it.  And it never gets old. 

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