Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dora and God

In our house Addison is the blessing reminder.  Occasionally I will have them start while I am still getting my plate or the baby's plate ready.  This was before Daddy arrived.  I was always behind.  Anyway, Addison would always be the one to stop everything, once I got to the table, and say, "We didn't say the blessing."  We would then proceed forward with the blessing, usually given by her and Olivia.  Perfect.

Well, last night we were in the same sort of situation, and when Man and I sat down I said, "Ok, girls we need to say the blessing."  With a big Cheshire grin Addison throws her hand in the air and says, "I want to do it Mommy!"  Now this is the point where Olivia would normally protest and want to do it with her but she didn't.  So, I told her to go ahead with her blessing.



NOW PUT THE "TUNE" OF "God is great, God is good." in your head.



All heads were bowed and eyes were closed and with the spunkiest voice she has she began...same tune as the God is great blessing.

"Dora is great!  Dora is good."

My eyes flew open and the giggles began.  I know I should not laugh at this but this was hilarious...and so Addison's personality.  I was trying really hard to hold it in but I did a terrible job quite frankly.  Between big huge smiles I said, "Addison that is not the blessing we say at dinnertime."  She said, "Ok Mom."  Then I responded, "Ok, go ahead again."  She said, "Ok."

All heads were bowed and eyes were closed...again.  And she began, to the tune of the God is great blessing.

"God loves Dora!  God loves Dora."

Let's face it... I was rolling with laughter at this point, all eyes were open and Olivia was looking at me like, "Mom, what are you going to do?  You are the parent."  Oh yeah, and she was trying not to laugh. 

Third time was a charm! Addison said the blessing correctly with a little more pep and more like a  song but I figure it was music to His ears.

Never a dull moment folks, but this one takes the cake.  I laughed all day.  Aren't kids great?


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