Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Can Do Anything

Yes!  The blog is under construction.  Since I don't have any fancy schmancy person who does this for a living hired out it must come together in pieces.  Thanks for hanging with me!  

Here goes...

Have you ever woken up in one of those, "I can do anything modes?"

That happened to me this morning.  I guess that is what happens when I successfully shower and blow dry my hair (completely) before a child wakes up.  What was to make me think that a little errand to the next town over would not be possible?

Cue the idiot sign over my head.  Or the one that says, "You are a mother of know better."  Wouldn't have mattered.  I could do  So, Olivia and I made lunches for the girls to eat in the car while we drove to the next town over, 45 minutes away.  I should have stopped there.  They thought eating in the car was the greatest thing since their birth.  Note to self.

Anyway, we got to our first store, unloaded, woke sleeping baby, started giving not-so-happy baby lunch in the stroller, and headed into the store.  Considering this was a very well-known toy store, we survived in tact.  Not so much for Man's wallet.  

I decided to press my luck and "run" into the fancy mall.  I mean, how could I drive this far three times and not take a teeny tiny look?  We were in the first store about 2.34 minutes and Addison needed to go to the bathroom.  Really?  We went.  Then we went 2 more times in the next 45 minutes.  Yes, I have done this before people...for 7 years to be exact.  It is that experience that made me hang up my boots, admit defeat, and pile us into the car.

As I drove home I decided that I probably was in no shape to cook over a hot stove or scrub any dishes tonight.  So as I exited the interstate I turned left, instead of right, my girls went crazy and we went for pizza...where we went to the bathroom three more times in less then one hour.  Really.

As crazy I felt today...and probably looked...
 I can say for sure I love my girls...bathroom breaks and all!

**I hope you enjoyed a few of the photos I took while we were at Sea World!  Tune in tomorrow to see what we bought at the toy store!**

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