Monday, October 15, 2012

Dare We Compare?

So if you have more then one child you have done this, whether you want to admit it or not.  You compare them.  Yes, go ahead.  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

I can honestly admit that I don't have a very good memory, although my husband would beg to differ.  Let's just call it selective memory.  Yes, I remember what he did on "x" day 3 years ago but I can't remember statistics about my kids on my best days... and a whole lot of other things.  

I don't know why.  Maybe it is the whole, "This is probably my last baby thing," but Allye seems so too big to me to be just one.  It got me to thinking.  Am I crazy?  How did the other girls look?  How big were they?

So, I went to my trusty drawer.  The one I gently file cram those nice yearly fact sheets you get from the doctor that documents the height and weight.  I mean, one day I am going to get that stuff in the baby book.  One day.  Anyway, I dug through the draw, cleaned it out actually (the whole two birds with one stone thing), and could not find Addison's one year sheet to save my life.  Called Man.  Needed the combo to the safe.  Must be in there.  Nope.  Begged him to go to the hospital in Texas and get it for me.  He did.  He is awesome like that.  So, drum roll please.......

Olivia - 1 year

22.5 pounds
31 inches

Oh this pains my heart.  

Where did the time go?

Addison - 1 year

21.16 pounds
29.9 inches

Why did I do this to myself?

Isn't she precious? 

Allye - 1 year

22 pounds
30.5 inches

My sweet baby.

  I have to go now...and find some Kleenex.  I am pretty sure Allye hid some under the couch.

Mama Bouchard


  1. Send the stats to Jason and he can put them in a spreadsheet with a pretty graph for easy comparison like he did with the boys! ;)

    Love this....any mom with more than one who says they don't compare is fibbing!

    Can't believe how alike, yet how different they all look....

  2. Very Cute!!! Olivia & Allye favor one another!!!! Sending love to all 3 of them!!!!


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