Monday, October 29, 2012


So I heard about a corn maze.  Does that make your heart sing like it does mine?  Mine was singing the sweetest song, so I planned a day trip.  Then, I asked Man if he wanted to go to the corn maze.  He would tell you this is how it always works.  My lips are sealed.  So this past Saturday was the day!  Since I had made the mistake, the day before, of taking my kids to Addison's pumpkin patch day dressed like it was 50 degrees outside, which it was supposed to be, I wasn't messing this one up.  So I put short sleeves on them because I was not listening to, "I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hot."  Lunches packed, bellies fed, garage door up...back inside to load everyone up with coats.  That is Florida folks.  And then we were off.  Olivia only asked 11.678 times, "How much longer?" on the one hour journey.  Man only gave me "The Look" twice.  I just smiled...and read my magazine.  I am spoiled like that now.  I love Man being home!

 Thankfully I brought warmth because it.was.cold!  I mean C-O-L-D!  We forged ahead and the girls had a blast.  We didn't make it ten feet into the maze until we were met with this.

 It must be 2012.  

We were very excited to finish the 7 acre maze!  Allye was excited that I brought a cup of Nilla Wafers for her.  

They had tons of games and rides for the we had to do them all!

Nate and Olivia did the corn shooter.  The targets had deer heads painted on them.  This is exactly how I imagine both of their faces the first time she shoots at a live animal.

 Allye was happy to run free...but sometimes she practiced sitting.

 If you are wondering how you do this you sit down, then you stand up and walk a few feet, then you sit down again, repeat.  You must be laughing the entire time.

If you go into a maze and your sister wants to race, this is how you win...

Eventually...when you can't feel your are so glad you packed your lunch and your car is big enough to hold everyone!

Then you must get back at it because kids don't understand frozen...just fun!

And we have one that still understands tired...

It was an A-MAZE-ING day and the best part was having Daddy with us...FINALLY!

The Mama

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