Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are you guilty like me? You don't have to be.

Truth : Forever and ever I have always put up my daughter's clothes at season's end.

Truth : I never thought twice about it.

Truth : I have three girls so they definitely will get used again.

Truth : Clothing three girls is getting pricey. 

Truth : It will only get worse.

Fact : I must stretch the clothing dollar.

Fact : I am going to do it using our summer wardrobe.  

Fact : You can too.

As the warm breeze of summer began to push further south, and out of my little northern Florida town, I realized I was not as prepared as I should have been.  Of course the younger two girls have all of the clothes, plus some, that Olivia wore.  So, the main issue was protecting Olivia from the sudden Fall snap.  I have been more interested then ever in kid's style and style in general as it pertains to mixing up a wardrobe.  I challenged myself to use most of her summer clothes with a few items thrown in to "warm" them up.  I would say I have done pretty good.  She hasn't complained and it is a bit refreshing to wear some of the lighter summer colors in the cold, frosty winter.  I took a few photos along the way to show you what I did.

The red pants and shoes were the new items.  Both tops were from last year.  Love double sizing!

You will remember this outfit from the knee-high post.  

The knee-highs were the only new item.  Three-quarter length shirts are my friend.  They should be yours too.

You will remember this outfit from here when it was picture day and I had no clue what they were going to wear.  And the cold air was blowing...unexpectedly.  I picked up the white shirt last year on clearance at Old Navy for $2 and I already had the leggings.

This was fun and a stretch for me.  I picked up the cute star sequined sweatshirt at The Children's Place outlet at the end of the summer.  When she put it on it was a little short for me.  So, I threw on the blue and white striped tank top from the summer and the green skinny pants from the spring and we were off and running.  This might be my favorite so far.  ;)

On this particular day I thought I was a genius.  I needed to do laundry really bad.  I had to take pictures of the haircut so all of you could mourn celebrate with me.  And she was going to her American Girl book club meeting, so she had to be cute.  Of course.  Did I mention that I needed to do laundry really bad.  Then I saw the grey cardigan and five million light bulbs went off and then I prayed for the entire eight steps I had to take to the dresser that there would be grey leggings...and there were...from last year. new cardigan picked up on clearance at the end of last winter and we had a new outfit!

Hopefully I have sparked some ideas for you to use those summer clothes!  A budget-friendly idea is just perfect for this holiday season!  Oh...and always, ALWAYS, always buy off season...if you can.

---The Recycling Mama

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