Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Accountability

I got to thinking the other day about my list.  The New Year's list.  The one that laid out everything that had to be accomplished be December 31, 2012.  You can find the entire post about it here.  

I thought I should take a look back at it and be somewhat accountable.  Here goes.

1. Help me lose baby weight...especially by June 2, 2012 when my "bestie" gets married!
Very happy to report that this was accomplished way ahead of schedule thanks to Weight Watchers.  First time for me and I will never turn back.  I lost the baby weight and more!  Amen.

2. Get new flooring installed ASAP.  All while he sleeps in the house and my three babes run crazy through the halls.
There is one word to describe how this went.  Disaster.  Great result but I will never, ever, ever hire Home Depot again.  Ever.  I would like to formally apologize to Lowes.  I still love you.  You just didn't have the product I wanted.  That won't matter next time.  Never again.  Ever.

3. Figure out how to lose love handles that never existed before.
Thank you Weight Watchers and will power.

4. Travel to Florida to see where in the world we want to live, where Olivia can go to school, where Addison can go to school, where they can go to dance, how far we will have to throw a rock to hit the ocean, HA...details!
Home purchase accomplished in two days and we were on our way to summer vacation.  School was a bust.  Dance is awesome.  We live 30-40 minutes from the ocean.  Might depend on who is driving and which beach we are visiting.  :)

5. Oh my, the Oreos keep staring at me.
They are not allowed in my house anymore.  Except there are some here right now.  It was in the name of a school project.  Maybe.

6. Plan a fabulous bridal shower for my "bestie" to be thrown in Columbia, SC but planned for from Texas!  Hmmmm?  It's ok, I like a challenge.
Thanks to a fabulous eatery and bakery in Columbia, SC I had very little stress...until I almost missed the flight because Olivia had to go to the bathroom at the same spot that every Nascar loving fan was passing through to get the the track.

7.  Get on the elliptical machine every day from here to June.
I so did not have to do this compliments of Weight Watchers.  Thank you Lord.

8. Put house on the market... while living in it with three kids and a hubby sleeping in it during the day.  Oh yes, this will be fun.  Oh, not to forget the dog.  Hmmm...hadn't thought of that.  Maybe we need to attach the "hunting trailer" to the back and strap the dog on there?  Or maybe that is not legal...wait this is Texas.  There is lots of animal hauling around here.  
This was not fun.  At all.

9. Finish Start curtains for Allye's room so she knows she is here to stay.  
They were and still are gorgeous.  Hers were the only ones that made the move to the new house.  I am starting to think I was crazy for doing that.

10.Quit staring back at the Oreos.
Only every time I walk into the pantry this week.

11. Celebrate Nate finishing his Master's Degree!!!!  
What an awesome accomplishment!  We celebrated over a nice dinner with my parents and he unwrapped a highlighted map of the U.S. that showed him the spots he could choose for an ultimate hunting trip!

12.  Travel to North Carolina, by way of Destin, FL, for my "bestie's" wedding.  A car trip, many many days cooped up together, three kids, and a husband.  Hmmm?  God, I promise to live right forever if you will make that a smooth trip.  :)
All I can say is a baby who drinks bottles and still sleeps a lot makes for a much easier trip.

13.  Buy a new house.  Preferably one that holds all of our "stuff" comfortably.
This beautiful home that Man bought for me is more then enough and we feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful home and neighborhood.

14.  Pack up our current house and pray it stays within the allowed weight limits.  Maybe I should just start praying the military is kind and forgiving, 'cause we are going over, there is no denying it.
Somewhere along the way Man decided we needed to move ourselves due to many technicalities with the military.  When do those not exist exactly?  Anyway, it wasn't as bad as we thought until it didn't all fit.  The good news is that we actually had to make a certain weight to get full reimbursement.  That wasn't a problem.

15. TIVO more shows so the elliptical is more enticing.
I love TIVO.  I taped lots of shows and watched them from my bed as I ate a Weight Watchers ice cream bar.  Have I mentioned that I love Weight Watchers?

16.  Convince my girls that it is ok to leave behind their play-set, Daddy really will build another one. Note to self: Provide extravagant pictures of a new set...Daddy needs a challenge in the carpentry area.
We live in a cul-de-sac.  Our yard is not exactly "fit" for a playground set.  We have other plans.  They require our neighbor's help...apparently.  I have seen the "loose" plans for this and slightly concerned would be how I would describe this.

17. Love on Daddy lots...'cause this might be the only way to get the above mentioned set.
There is love in my eyes when I am questioning the details of this plan.

18.  Invite family to come visit the beach...(have play-set ready to put together when they arrive).
I am not good at this.  You are welcome any time.  Consider this your warning: You might be put to work.

19. MOVE our family of 5 (plus one dog) back across the country.
The five made it and our sweet dog found a new home and now has a sister that plays with her all day.

20. Plan and throw three kid birthday parties within 30 days of each other.
I survived.  I am not sure how.

21. Find something to drink that melts away pounds.
I think we are clear on this one.

22. Take our "bucket list" trip to San Antonio.
The Air Force would not cooperate on this one.  We will still accomplish this one day though.

23. April- The "in-laws" are coming. 
A fun trip to the Bahamas with them instead.

24. Praise GOD every day that he finally gave us a child that sleeps!  Thank you Lord! 
I am happy to report that she is still a sleeper.

25. Paint the elliptical pink.  Maybe it will be more appealing that way?
Man was not going for this under any circumstances.

I hope everyone is thriving this holiday season.  I am deep in the trenches of things made by hand.  It makes me smile.  A lot.  


On a side note.

Since I was laid up Friday because the stomach bug broke into my house in the middle of the night, I thought I could use that time to look through some of our pictures and get some type of order to them.  Maybe even delete a few hundred.  Over and over I saw what I am about to show you, something most people never show you.  Have you ever wondered how many pictures it takes to get something like this?

 In this case, 8.  

But let me say this...I have many more examples that far exceed eight.  Just thought you would like a peek at the so not chosen ones.


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