Friday, December 21, 2012

The Reindeer Won't Go Hungry

Sorry I haven't been around the blog much this week.  I have been busy.  That might be an understatement.  Yes, definitely.  Today has been my focus for over a week.  That and the whole homemade Christmas idea I had.  And the homeschooling thing I do on the side.

Anyway, today I stepped waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.  I had people to my house, which I deem "unfinished" and most of them I just casually know.  But here is the thing.  I am dedicated to using this house for my girls.  I am dedicated to cultivating friendships and relationships with people here.  You might meet me and think this would come easy for me.  That is the me that happens when I walk out my door.  The other me, the real me, is a lot introverted, a lot insecure, and could have two best friends and be just fine.  Don't get me wrong, I love the opposite, I just have to push myself to be that person.  So, with a big huge push from Olivia, today was my baby step.  I couldn't be happier at this moment.  Here is why.

I was talking to Olivia about this little idea I saw on a blog I frequent called, Enjoying the Small Things.  She is woman after my own heart.  She puts all of her energy into her babies and I love that about her.  She motivates me to be a better mom.  This was her idea, really.  She calls it the The North Pole Party.  

I whipped these out and we were off and running.  No turning back.  I was doing this thing.  Olivia and I did most of the shopping together.  Man and I did most of the work together.  He was a trooper.  In case I have not mentioned this before, these crazy ideas I have, one week before they are to happen, only go off because of him.  Like when I tell him, "Oh honey, all that stuff in the back of the car?  Yeah.  That is for a party we are throwing in a week."  And he proceeds to reduce his sleep time by two hours every night to work on my craziness.  But, I think he would was all worth it.  The looks and excitement on their faces as they made the reindeer food was priceless.  The way the big ones helped the little ones, tear worthy.  The way the mommas smiled and looked on as their babies painted and played...well, you mommas know.

Oh yes.  It wouldn't be complete without our two best friends, Aubriee and Lexi.

This makes my heart sing.
I love the focus.

How sweet are little boys painting?

Our playroom was full of little blessings tonight.  Joy, joy, joy!
 I really wanted to do this outside on our front porch.  I love that porch.  But it was in the twenties last night so that was not happening.  Ever.  So, I used our dining room table for the reindeer food and craft.

I had a gift bag table that was already loaded with a bell looped on a necklace (the mommas were most happy with this) and a bag of reindeer munch...the human kind. 

 I totally forgot to take a picture of this (the reindeer munch) for you.  I made a huge batch from this recipe and then broke it into small pieces and bagged them with this tag.

Then they added their reindeer food and craft!  A great way to keep up with your "stuff" at this kind of party!

The part that made my day?

Seeing this.

The smile that is worth a thousand words but needs none.

The Mama


Because I was asked about how I display my Christmas cards I snapped a quick picture to show you.

The girls love having them at their level and look at them all the time!

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