Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mama's Top Five Friday....on Saturday

I have a note for being late with this assignment.  My 7 year old wrote it.  Here is what it says...

Dear Blog Readers,

I know you like to read about what we do to make our mommy crazy every week.  BUT, this week I made a special request to have a date day with her.  No baby.  No Addison. No Daddy.  She agreed.  We had a great time yesterday playing checkers, going to the movies, visiting the nail salon, eating dinner together and shopping at the mall.  We had the best day ever.  Please excuse her tardiness.  She hates being late...really.


I feel much better now that I have given a formal excuse.

1.) Allye's first "dip" in the leaves.  Clearly, we were not in Florida.  :)  This was last weekend at Callaway Gardens in Georgia!

2.) The Christmas tree is up!  Twinkling lights make my heart sing.  Allye un-decorating the tree does things to my heart that sounds nothing like singing.  The words that cross my heart could not dare cross my fingers to this computer.  Let's just say it will be a miracle if there are any ornaments on the bottom half of the tree in two weeks.  

3.) Eli is back!  He made is first appearance the day after our car.  Olivia has sewn him a new hat this year.  It is getting him into trouble!  

4.) What is Christmas without a Festival in Lights show?  We made our first visit to this one in Georgia last weekend.  Amazing!  Allye would beg to differ...she slept the whole way through...after she screamed for the thirty minutes we waited to get in.  Details.

5.) I might be a genius.  I am going to write more about this experience this week for you.  We had a yard sale.  In our house.  In Addison's room.  I was the only customer.  Guess who owns the junk now?

Another awesome week filled with lots of wonderful memories!  Hope you are having a great weekend!

---The Tardy Mama

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