Tuesday, December 4, 2012

No Ordinary Day

Today started off as just an ordinary day.  One kid didn't want to get out of bed, one wanted to get out too early, and the other was skipping into my room singing glory to the day.  Yep, that is pretty average for our house.  Except, I didn't want today to be average.  I got lots of sleep last night, I had that extra pep in my step.  I could conquer the world.  Except, I had a child who was claiming death in her bed.  I fixed her grits and blueberry muffins.  What else does a true Southern mother do?  She was healed.  Praise the Lord.

So how was I going to make this ordinary day extraordinary for myself and the girls?  We made an awesome craft.  No sneak peeks on this one.  Can't wait to show you though.  That wasn't too extraordinary for this house though.  But, when Allye took a morning nap (those are somewhat rare these days) a tidal wave of brilliance hit me.  What does 77 degrees + all the time in the world equal?  Yes!  A trip to the beach!

We ate lunch in lightning speed time, packed our bags and snacks, and were off.  The excitement was contagious and they asked me almost 103 times, "How much longer?" but today I didn't mind one bit...because we were going to the beach!

Have I mentioned that I love Florida?  This folks, would almost be reason #1.  You do realize it is December?  Yahoo!

Digging began immediately.  There were sandcastles waiting to be built.  Allye took to the sand pretty well for hating grass like she does.  She started out supervising.

Trust me, she got sandy from head to toe, eventually.  Thankfully she is realizing that sand is not for eating.  That is because she has eaten cake now.  Probably.  Definitely.

Allye became the wrecker of, well, everything.  That is what children that are almost 14 months old do.  They smash, grab, and destroy all things more then six inches off the ground.  Right?  Olivia was not happy about this.  She moved away.  Built her own sandcastle town to live in.  No babies allowed.  Apparently.

Middle child.  That is her excuse.

At snack time we realized that Allye wanted her snack and her sister's too.  Meet Allye...she will bold you over, knock you down, and tear you up for food.  Case in point, she has her own box of Nilla Wafers at our neighbor's house.  Sister needs her snack.  Don't get up.  She will get it herself.  Just leave the pantry door cracked.  

This is how Addison spent most of her time.  She was "shooing" the birds.  They bothered her.  

Really bad.  There are at least 6 more like this one.  This kid has some lungs.

But Olivia.  Well, she was content.

And happy.

And so was I.

---The Mama

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

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