Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Unintentional Brilliant Idea

Have you ever done something as a parent that wasn't really intentional and then thought it was brilliant?  That happened to me.  Just last Friday.

I casually mentioned over lunch that we needed to start thinking about some of the things that we (and I mean we) would be willing to part with to make some room for some new toys that would come at Christmas.  I think all of you parents know what I mean.  The clearing out, that is never enough, to make way for the sleigh of gifts that is about to back up and dump into our living rooms.  Then I thought the idea backfired on me.  Olivia, her whole 7 year old self, says, "Ok Mom.  We will have a yard sale and you are invited."  I quickly agreed, having no idea what I was in for.  I went about my merry way while the baby was snoozing and the girls were behind locked doors, well, getting the yard sale ready.  Olivia breaks free long enough to inform me that I will be buying items from the yard sale and to follow the instructions at the door.

Then I kind of think this is fun.  Then I realize if I really bought the items they would be mine and I could do whatever I wanted with them and not feel like I took there beloved toys.  I grabbed my wallet.  And went to the door.

 And said, "Pretty girl."

 They let me in and I found this.

 I negotiated until I was blue in the face.  Addison gives freely and Olivia, well, she definitely understands the concept of money.  I think the sale was a success.  Sellers and buyer all walked away happy. 

Are you looking to clear some clutter before the big day?  I highly recommend this type of yard sale...temperature is perfect, lots of smiling faces, little to no guilt, everyone is happy in the end, and the clutter gets cleared!  We all had a blast for a mere $2.50 and made a memory that we will never forget.  I am just hoping an indoor lemonade stand isn't next.  Hauling toys away is nothing compared to drinking 5 gallons of lemonade!

---The Unintentional Brilliant Mama

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