Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where Should We Go?

About a week ago Addison and I were out running some errands before our time to pick up Olivia from school.  We were playing working very hard to get done in time because Sis does not like to do errands.  I have theory on this but that is for another day.  Anyway, we were casually strolling along the breezeway of one of our strip malls when I realized we were done a little early.  Now, if I was alone I would have hopped in the car, driven to the school and sat in s.i.l.e.n.c.e. for those extra minutes.  But, I was with child that day so I said, "Hey Addison!  Where should we go?  We have a few extra minutes before we have to get Olivia."  Addison stops twirling and spinning and gets very excited.  She runs to me, throws her arms up for me to pick her up, gets right up in my face, has her "proud of me" look on her face and says, "I know Mommy!  We can go to!"  I laughed til I thought I would cry.  Addison was slightly confused and says, "Isn't that a great idea Mommy!!?"  I respond between smiles, "Yes, Addison, a very good idea."

Note to self.  
We might just have a t.v. problem.  
And a computer problem.  
But my that was sure cute.

1 comment:

  1. Too cute and it is a kid-friendly website so I don't think there is a problem! (Of course, mine is addicted to Nick Jr. website right now so I could be saying this so I don't feel as guilty myself!)


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