Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catch Up With Us

On the Eve of Spring Break I sit here preparing for what lies ahead this week. I am so anxious to share with all of you what we have in store but I must catch up with all of you first!  Be on the lookout tomorrow morning for what we are up to for Spring Break!

First, the best thing ever was the sunshine we got!  It was so wonderful that Cowgirl and I decided to surprise our kids after school one day with a detour to the local park.  We call it the Prairie Dog park, I am sure it has some much more official name, but everyone knows which park you are talking about when you call it by this name.  Here is why.  You take your kids there for the big playground and they get a wonderful bonus that is soooo Texas!

The best part is that you can feed them!  It is always a hit...

Unless one of the kids falls in!  Thankfully not on this day.  BUT, I do love how the girls are properly sitting and throwing and the boys are sitting... on "GO!"  

It was so nice the next day too that the girls begged to go to the soccer fields.  The beauty of where we live is that the city's sports complex is walking distance from our house.  Although I wanted to say "No," I didn't. However, I did adequately warn them of the 30 mile per hour winds.  They  

Although they couldn't "take it" for long they were satisfied and Allye ate lots of dusty wind.  We loaded all of the stuff back into the double stroller and the big kid bike and strolled home, the long way.  Of course.  I was not saying, "No".

Next up we had story time at our church.  Story time at the church is very special.  #1 because of Mrs. Nancy, the librarian.  She is sweet, loves our kids, has the best reading voice, the most patience, and she makes every child feel special.  On this day we read about a little blue truck that goes through mud with the help of some animals.  That brings me to the second best thing about story time at our church.  Mrs. Nancy...not the librarian, the mom who creates all of the crafts that compliment the story themes each month.  She does this in her spare time...when she is not homeschooling her children.  :) Most of the time we are real fond of what she comes up with (just kidding, we love her).  Then there are days where, well...

It certainly was in theme...and the kids loved it!

And, we love Nancy...and Nancy.  They are two special women who bring joy with them wherever they are.

Then we have to let the mud snack digest while we read books.

And where was Allye you might wonder? Well, she is always along for the ride, usually sleeping, sometimes crying, always a joy.  She is learning new things everyday.  She can roll across a room with no problem.

 There is no trapping her now.  Well, unless of course we use this...

And we all know that can't last forever.  So, we are in t.r.o.u.b.l.e!  She is on the move in a BIG way and we are just a teensy bit scared!

She wants to sit up really bad so we graduated her to this!

Addison was very excited...Allye, however, was very...

I think you could call that...unsure.  Oh well, onward and upward they all must go.  This one is just going WAY too fast!

Apparently she decided to just surpass the bow "stage", that usually lasts for years in my home.

Yep, wore it all day.  Thought she was hot stuff!

I had to draw the line people.  She is 5 months old.  

Our sweet Allye...5 months old!  
Her laughter warms my heart, her smile is contagious, she fills a spot I didn't know was empty.  I love her.  She loves us.  I want to slow it down, but I can't.  So, I just take pictures so I can remember when.

5 Months

Then I take more pictures, well, Man does for me.

And then he takes this and I want to cry...what happened to my babies?

This is my dream come true!


  1. What a GREAT picture of you and all the makes my heart melt so I can't even begin to imagine how yours just swells with pride and love.

  2. I love the picture of you and the girls!! They, of course, are gorgeous and you... you look fab!!!! Ally looks soooo much like Addison!


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