Saturday, March 17, 2012


from Egypt!

This was an Olivia pick and I didn't know what to do.  Thankfully I found the book, Nefertari, at the library and Anna led the way!  Ah yes, Anna is the cute little girl on the front and she explores Egypt with her family and loves her camera.  How much better does this get for Addison.  It's Dora and Diego all in one!

Once we were fully informed, by Anna, we decorated our own sarcophagus and the Egyptian flag! 

Insert lots of questions about dying and being wrapped like a mummy.  Then the questions about other Gods and oh my, I should have had the Children's Pastor on speed dial for this.  I managed, I think.  

Then there was a jewelry project.  All because Anna showed us the beautiful adornments on the Egyptian ladies.

The girls each got to pick out a button and we sized the rings down to fit their fingers.

The we used our trustee E6000 and glued them together.  Then we waited, so then that gave me time to forget the final picture because we were off to something much more exciting!

Henna Tattoos!

Yes, Mom, believe it!  The girls love putting tattoos on and they always come off in just mere minutes it seems like.  So what better time to do this?  All in the name of education, of course.  I was like mom.of.the.year for this!

They were gorgeous!  After about an hour the dark paste flakes off and the result is really beautiful.  The hardest part was not giving my "If you ever come home with a real one I am calling your Meme!" speech.

Then we rushed home for the grand finale...


Daddy thought he was safe...I thought Daddy was supervising...this is what was really going on...

Please note my baby....Yes, scooted herself right into the Barbie bed?  No one seems to mind?  Not even Allye.

 After doing my research I learned that falafels are sold from street vendors in Cairo.  From more extensive research that involved watching Bethenny Ever After (just because I didn't want to get it wrong ;) ) I knew this was fairly safe to attempt and they must be good.  And, I must say, they were delicious!

Time for bed.  

And because Anna, our Egyptian tour guide for the day, told us that cats are sacred in Egypt...what else??!!

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