Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break --- Here's The Set Up

So this is how it goes.  I had BIG plans for Spring Break this year I tell you.  Yep, San Antonio!  Last place on our Texas bucket-list before we just a few short months.  However, in true military fashion they scheduled Man for a class that is three weeks long, starting when you may wonder?  Yep, today.  No problem I remember thinking.  That is what Meme's are for.  Rang her up...ok, I probably emailed her something first and then she probably rang me up with T.H.E. N.E.W.S.  She couldn't make it.  Well, unless I wanted to drive, like hours and hours, and pick her up somewhere on the way to San Antonio because she had to be in Seattle until Wednesday.  That was not working for me.  I think it was the hours and hours part.  Or the alone with three kids part...  So, I politely declined her most generous offer and then worried about it for months.  Why you wonder?  Have you met Olivia?  My 6 year old who doesn't sleep, never slows down, needs constant entertainment, etc, etc, etc...  That is why I have lost sleep people!  Lots of it!  Just over Spring Break.  Then I decided to just ask them what they wanted to do for Spring Break, last week.  Procrastination wasn't exactly in the plan but I roll like that a LOT now.  And do you know what she said?  "I want to eat at the Grand Buffet!"  Of course she does, but I can so accomplish this.  Then Addison pipes in, "I want to eat at Chick-fil-a!"  Hmmm?  We do have lots of time on our hands, but no Chick-fil-a.  Well, unless we drive about 45 minutes!  The wheels are turning....

I say to the girls, "Hey, we should do all kinds of food things!"  "Have themed food days!"  Oh my, they were excited.  Then I was excited!  I love a good theme!  Then Olivia says, "Mommy, where did Dr. Seuss live?"  Excuse me?  "Ok," I say.  We will learn about Dr. Seuss next week too!  Then she says, "Mommy, can we learn about China too?  And Egypt?"  Oh my....see what I mean?  So, I LOVE a challenge.  I can do this!

I say, "This is great Olivia."  "We can learn about different countries and sample their foods on the days we learn about them!"  I am all giddy at this point.  Man is over on the sidelines giving me the "Have you lost your mind look."  To which I respond, "Isn't this going to be great?  We can do this, and this, and this!"  He nods.   

So, then I lose more sleep 'cause I am excited!  This is going to be great!  The next day, the girls and I sat down and made a list of everything we they wanted to learn about.  That night I stayed up L-A-T-E!  I logged on the the town's library site and started shopping!  That is it was FREE!  I researched and virtually "pulled" all of the books, tapes, videos we were going to be needing.  I researched craft projects, food, games.  There was no end in sight!  

The next day I went shopping, the spend some money kind of shopping.  We needed supplies I told Man ;).  I took them to the library that afternoon.  They were thrilled when we got a double decker buggy and headed to the "hold" section.  That is right, we needed a double decker for everything I "bought".  We rolled up, loaded up, and then we paused for some fun in the kids section.  They were so excited they wanted to start that night.  NO way Jose.  

But, the day finally came.  Sunday evening, time for preparations.  There were two pre-projects that had to be done before the BIG week.  So...we got right to it...

Oh yes, your eyes do not deceive you.  That is Man...first of many crafts he will have to help with this week!


Second, of many, craft projects Man will be helping me with this week.  Bless his heart!

It's just the beginning!  Can't wait to show you each day what we are up to!  

We are glittered up and ready to go!

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