Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day

When your three year old starts their day off with "I'm so happy, check!", it is kind of contagious.

So, when you pick her up from pre-school and you can't take her on a lunch date you tell her she can have homemade pizza.

Then she asks if she can make it herself.  And you say yes, 'cause you are so happy too!

Then you realize she meant

Then she tells you, "I'm just going to eat two of these, I think."

And she does.  

Then because it is Spring and you are both so happy you get out the smallest cookie (cheese) cutter you can find and let her cut out a happy flower.

Even though it doesn't make you happy to clean it.

Then she decorates her pizza with the flower.

And waits for it to bake.  

But while she is waiting she informs you she can't eat just pizza.  She needs to make more.  And you let her.  Well, because she is happy, check!

Go and be happy!

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