Thursday, March 22, 2012

Addison, Addison, Addison...

Here are just three of the numerous conversations I have had with Addison in the past two days.

Conversation 1

Me:  "Addison, you need to go potty and get your jammies off so we can get ready for school."
Addison:  "Okaaaaaay, Mommy." 
Me: "Addison, please go potty so we can get you dressed."
Addison:  "Ok, Mom."
After I go take her potty and am sitting in her floor pulling her nightgown off...
Addison:  "I.went.potty, check!"
Me:  (A little giggle.)
Addison:  "I', check!"
Me:  (A big fat grin with a little more giggle as I slide on her jeans.)
Addison:  ", check!"
Me:  (

Conversation 2

Riding in the car on the way home from pre-school.  

Me: "Wow Addison!  The clouds are really low today."
Addison:  "No they are not Mommy.  I can't touch them."
Me:  "You are right Addison you cannot."
Addison:  "So they are not low, they are high."
Me:  "Yes, Addison, they are high."
Addison:  "No Mommy, they are really high-low."
The End.

Conversation 3

To really appreciate this you must know that since Addison was about 2 and a half, right at 3, she likes to tell people she speaks Spanish.  Then she counts for Spanish.  It is really quite funny to hear her and the moments she decides to announce this.

She was "helping" me clean today and we had Allye in her swing so we could clean the floors.  I often tell the girls that entertaining Allye is the help I need.  So, Addison took it upon herself to entertain Allye for a few minutes and here is what I heard/saw...I was cleaning afterall.

Allye:  All smiles.
Addison:  "Allye, girl."
Allye:  Big grin.
Addison: "Allye, Allye girl."  (Some baby talk.)  "Oh yes.  E, I, O, Y"
Allye:  Still grinning.
Addison:  "Allye.  Y, E, O, U."  (Kind of really singing it to her.)
I turn to see this and they are grinning at each other.  I turn my back to clean and hear this...
Addison:  "That is French Allye.  For real."

Yep, just another couple of days in the life of Addison.

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