Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Still Alive!

Whew!  Now that I have caught my breath from this whirlwind I live in I first must apologize to our family who probably wonders if we are "ok".  Yes!  We are.  It's just that all of you people out there, who shall remain nameless, that told us that adding one more to the mix was nothing....   L.I.E.D!  Shame on you.  This is rough.tough.stuff.  We are getting in a groove now and think we might just survive.  Maybe.  Anyway, I know what you are really here for so here goes...

We celebrated with lots of LOVE on Valentine's Day.  Actually, I was somewhat in the spirit and had the cutest outfits, which I can take Z.E.R.O credit for.  You see, the beauty of a best friend that has all boys...she wants to buy girl stuff...and I have 3 of them.  She warned me that she had bought tutus for the big girls she just didn't warn me that I wouldn't be able to buckle them in their carseats.  Hold on...you need a visual.


Thank you "Aunt Syd"!  Everyone loved them!  I even had the Valentine's made ONE while week early!  That is a miracle I tell you.  It was so much fun!  We had to make close to 35 of them and I actually was able to breath, not be controlling, and no one was harmed in the making of the cutest Valentine's coming out of our house yet....

Isn't it darling?  A little matchbox (yes, emptied) and (yes, I saved the matches) it was filled with a piece of chocolate and silly bands (Olivia's friends) or stickers (Addison's friends).  The girls loved this!  I was the cool mom...for like five seconds.  Olivia was totally impressed.  Now, that folks, is an accomplishment these days.

So, on the big day Addison wakes up and tells me we are going to decorate the table for a special dinner.  Dinner?  Yes, I had that planned.  BUT, decorating?  Not in the plan.  She was not excepting "No" on this day so...we were decorating.  At 9:00am.  It was fun and she was sooooo o.c.c.u.p.i.e.d.  Then she insisted that we use the breakable tea set (A.K.A my wedding china).  Um.  I have no problem with this, but my dishwasher Man might not be so excited.  So, we used the breakable tea set.  AND, we decorated the table.

Did I mention we have a third child?  Yes.  She really lives with us.  She was with us all day long.  Hanging out.  Dressed in her Valentine best.

Then...we.made.pie! Wonderful, glorious, chocolate, DIET (please refer here if you wonder why it is diet), pie.

Once we got that mess FUN cleaned up we decided it was time for more!  That's right...baby food time!  

We started with the standard cereal, which is NEVER a hit.  

and Allye was like, "What just happened to my mouth?"

"But, oh wait, that made my tummy feel pretty good."

"Maybe I should eat some more?"

"Or, maybe not."

So, many believe that the further down the line you are in the family the less you "get".  Not this time.  Olivia decided we needed the Baby Bullet when I was a mere 3 20 weeks pregnant.  I actually liked the idea and soooooo----Allye is getting 100% REAL food!  That is right...her food is from scratch (please don't be anal, no I didn't make the cereal).  Allye and I bond over the Baby Bullet.  

She supervises...

While I slice, chop, steam, and peel...

her avocados?  Oh yes, this baby is going gourmet people.

And it is the most beautiful sight in my fridge...

It sings to me when I open the door.  Not really, but my heart hears it.  Sort of.

This food is making her rowdy.  She put on Olivia's glasses the other day and did this to me.

She thinks she's grown.

Then I laid her down to help the big girls get their jammies on and she got under the table.  

Yes, it.is.over.  She can roll, squirm, scooch, and shimmy all over a room.  

She was so proud of herself!  Well, until she couldn't quite swing that back half in the right direction to escape the table.   
SIDE NOTE:  If you give your kids to Grandma North under the guise of a lunch date...you just might be the new home to a talking, singing, transforming Barbie airplane that is so big it can't be "organized" into a hidden place.  And when you have "that look" on your face when she walks in with it, she will tell you "They had to have it."  And that will be the end of that conversation.

So there you have it...we are here.we are busy.we are ALIVE!  

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