Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today I...

Today I was supposed to get to sleep in.  

Today I woke up at 6:33 to my sweet Addison's voice in a desperate hush telling me, "Mommy, there are monsters outside of my window."  Today I snuggled with Addison from 6:33 until 7:07, when Allye was no longer patiently waiting in her bed. Neither was Olivia.  

Today I let my kids make their own breakfast.  It turned out better then when I let them make their own dinner two nights ago...

Per Addison, "Breakfast + Lunch = Dinner"
Today the girls made like fourteen hundred Valentine's Day cards.  You will know Addison's because she signed her name at the top, drew something at the bottom and sealed it with an Easter sticker.  FYI.  Olivia's.  Well.  Her cards seemed to be filled with a sweet note, cute stickers, and were addressed like she was mailing them...minus the zip code.  Today...I said it was perfect.  Then we went outside.  Where they attempted to hand deliver them to our neighbor.  She wasn't there.  They wanted answers.  It wasn't workout day.  They keep tabs like that.  So, we moved on to snack time and sidewalk chalk.  Today I made them lay down in a pose and then complete the picture.  Art class?  Maybe.

Today we worked on an art project that we have been working on forever!  There might have been fake flowers and a hot glue gun and scissors.  Today I learned that I need more then two hands to do such a project when my 15 month old wants to "help" too.  

Today I taught school.  To a seven year old who refused to remove her sunglasses.  I don't know how we do this sometimes.  

 Today I had snack with Allye in the middle of my kitchen floor.  We ate graham crackers and drank milk.  We made a mess.

 Today I used the vaccum twice.  Once to clean up the potted plant that Allye dumped in the floor.  Another to clean up the graham cracker she used to decorate our foyer with when I got distracted with a phone call from my bestie who just received her Christmas present (Can't wait to show you!).  There was only a 30 minute time span between these two events.  I know you know.

Today I ate dinner with a bathing beauty.  What was I supposed to say?

Today we ate ice cream sandwich sundaes after dinner.  I never allow this on breakfast for dinner night.  But I did today.

Today is today.  Not yesterday.  Not tomorrow.  So are you living for today?  I am.

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