Monday, January 28, 2013

A Last First

Guess Who Got Their First Haircut?

Trim it gently please,
And let me comb it one more time.
 Before you give a first haircut,
To this little one of mine.

So soft and baby fine,
Her hair is in my hand.
How much of this growing up,
Can a mommy stand?

I know it may seem silly, 
To get teary over hair.
But it's just a symbol of
Changes everywhere.  

--Thena Smith  

The first haircut.  I put it off for as long as I could stand.  But, the day finally came. 

 It always does.  Doesn't it?  We push back, hold on longer, and wish it away, but they grow-up anyway.  This I know for sure.  

They must experience the "firsts," whether I want them to or not.  This one might have been the hardest yet.  This is quite possibly the last first haircut this family will have.  I was slightly heartbroken.  More then slightly. 

 I sat there brave and poised, trying to focus on the "being still" part more then the cutting part.  I hid behind the long black lens of my camera with a golf ball size rock in my throat.  There was a moment where I wanted to call it all to halt.  But I didn't.  I chose to embrace the moment and be ever so thankful that I have seen this moment three times over; with three beautiful, healthy girls.  

I chose to see the joy in her big brown eyes as she watched herself in the over-sized mirror.  

I chose to laugh at her expression when she tasted the sour apple sucker. 

   I cackled out loud when Man tried to help out with his phone and she nose dived toward it.

   I chose not to make her pose, because I am choosing to see her through a mother's eyes...exactly as she is.  Happy.  Strong.  Loveable.  Feisty.  Strong-willed.  Amazing.  Beautiful.  Perfect.

 And while this may be the last of this first, I am so thankful it's not the last first. 

Savor it.  A "first" only happens once. 

---The Mama

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  1. Bye bye baby hair! She looks lovely with her new do!


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