Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Settle for Less

Do you ever get caught up looking at old pictures?  This happened to me when I was supposed to be working on one of my handmade Christmas projects.  Technically it was part of my project but then I got all emotional and had to stop and go look at all of them.  Which lead to looking at more and more and more.  Anyway, I have to show you some of them.  

Let me explain why I have these.  This is what happens when you pay a high priced photographer that your dance company hires, they tell you will get to select from the more then 15 shots they took of each of your daughters, only to receive their selection and it looks nothing like your kid.  I mean, it was my kid, but not her.  Know what I mean?  Anyway, let's say they are very clear on what I think of their pictures and then I went and took my own.  Here they are.

Let me just say this.  They had nothing on this.  And I am no professional.  But they had nothing on this.  I was so happy I took the extra time to make these.  Lesson is this.  You know your kid better then anyone else.  You don't need a fancy camera to capture who they really are.  Do it!  You will love those pictures more then any picture taken by someone who doesn't care what you end up with (as in this case).  Or, hire your own photographer for these special shots!

So, I might be getting a little fancy here.  I think (fingers crossed) that I am about to share some dancing videos with you.  Our new studio only allows parents to watch three times a year.  You understood why once we were all in there.  Cameras flashing, phones videoing, hoots, hollers, clapping, and lots and lots of smiling.  If you don't watch, I get it.  The grandparents will.  More then once probably.  BUT, if you need a good smile for the day, watch the very first one all the way through.  Just know this.  She was supposed to be standing very still after her turn!

My all-time favorite dance picture snapped at the last minute a few months ago...

I would like to go on record that I have never had a bad experience with a photographer I have personally hired.  They are like family now and loved my kids and wanted me to have a good experience.  So, for that I am thankful to:

Erica M Photography

Jennifer Linette Photography

Creative Portraits by Julie Gilmore

Bo's Photography

Timeless Memories Photography

You have captured moments in our lives that we will cherish forever.

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  1. Love that Addison posed for you in the 2nd video!!! Olivia looks so big doing that routine!!! Can't believe it!!!!


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