Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just A Little Neat School Thing...

Just when I thought Olivia might fall over dead if I made her review basic addition one more time, my brain went into overdrive.

  Since we are teaching our kids daily through lessons or homework, why not make it fun?  I saw something similar in her math book, so I went full size and all out.  You could do this with all kinds of math and on all levels.  Anyway, just a little something I thought I could share that might make your teaching/homework job a little more fun...and your kids will think you are so cool.  Maybe.

Simple construction paper project for you to put together.  Older kids could make their own and create their own problems to work.  

Oh, and if Hump Day has you down this week...  you can pretend you are here...

---The Home-School Mama

*Feel free to Pin the idea for easy reference.


  1. I don't want to pretend to be there, I want to REALLY be there!!! We'll have to skype soon!! My Trynt was crying last night bc he missed his best friend, Addison. Such a tender heart!!!!

  2. thanks for posting..


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